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Your Health - time to take it Personally

It is apparent that neither the drug companies nor your government are interested in your health whilst they are close to obsessed with your sickness.

It is a universal law that what is focused on grows so it is increasingly important that you focus on your own good health - because, if you don't, it is unlikely anyone else is going to do it for you.

So here's the Middle Path approach to maintaining robust good health, naturally:

the Basics - a Healthy Body

There are two things you need to consume to maintain your health: vitamins and minerals (air and water etc are necessary to maintain life itself, but here we are concerned with the quality of your life).

Today many regard vitamins as health-maintaining pills which come in small containers from chemists, health food stores and supermarkets. They are not - these are convenience supplements which have had the useful ingredients extracted from plant or animal sources or, in the majority of cases, which have been synthesised in laboratories and factories.

Vitamins and minerals are substances which are absolutely essential to the normal functioning of our bodies, many of which our bodies cannot make for themselves. As people come to rely more heavily on processed and convenience "foods" which are often lacking in these essential nutrients, supplements have become the modern way of consuming vitamins and minerals.

When we ate natural foodstuffs direct from nature we would ingest them in our diet accompanied by a myriad of associated ingredients in the plant material which aided assimilation and digestion - a “wholistic dietary form”, if you like. Supplements generally focus on the major ingredient without incorporating many of these catalytic ingredients which means that we are not able to completely absorb the promised benefits [1] .


health is maintained with a natural diet,
life is maintained with supplements

If you are taking vitamin supplements on a regular basis then you are actively acknowledging that the food you are eating is inadequate nutrition to sustain a healthy life.

The good news is that these vitamins and minerals are readily available in plants and other everyday sources which, once incorporated in your daily diet eradicate dependence on pills and potions for good nutrition.

Many supplements are laced with synthetic colouring and flavouring agents to increase their “consumer-appeal” (eg orange-flavoured, aspartame-sweetened sugar-free vitamin C for children). These may well negate the benefits obtained by taking those supplements.

Supplements will not make up for a bad diet - no matter how expensive or meticulously-manufactured the supplement, it will not provide all the enzymes and myriad ingredients found in fresh, organic, natural foodstuffs.

Supplements are useful for restoring optimum mineral or vitamin levels when they have become depleted, we regard this more in the nature of nutritional therapy rather than health maintenance.

There are several significant points to keep in mind about ongoing and continual use of supplements:
  • all supplements are manufactured primarily to make a profit for shareholders - today's market is flooded with products; most of the companies out there put most of their resources into advertising and very little into the ingredients, resulting in a product that is full of synthetic ingredients and many potentially harmful additives as well. [2]
  • Many vitamins are too densely put together without digestion-promoting catalysts. This leads to the vitamins being of little value due to non-absorption. [3] [3] [4] [5]

Learn more about practical natural nutrition

Here are some of our products which will help you to learn about natural nutrition and how to make it a part of your daily life:

How to get your Vitamins and Minerals naturally

Here are two free printer-friendly pages which detail the important vitamins and minerals, what they do for you and where you can source them in common plants and foodstuffs.

A word of warning:

Genetically engineered foodstuffs are being manipulated for the benefits of the corporations, despite the hype about “feeding the world”. These multi-national businesses apparently regard it as "advantageous" (profitable?) to create nutrient-poor plant strains which look good and travel well. This encourages a dependancy on chemical supplementation for "adequate" nutrition. The less processing your food has undergone before you get it the better. The more natural (read “organic, free from genetic modification”) the source - the healthier it is for you.

Studies in Britain [6] and America [7] have shown that the combination of intensive farming methods and plant breeding has, in the past 50 years, reduced the mineral content of some basic foods by up to 75%. Similar That is why we regard the "weeds" [8] as one of the most tamper-free and healthy sources of nutrients, their very robustness and widespread distribution make them unlikely candidates for the attentions of the multi-national food engineers.

Further Reading

  you may also appreciate our   Secrets to Living a Quality Life ebook, audiobook, CD


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