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what our Client’s have t0ld us
Your medicines have helped my daughter recover from whooping cough really quickly.
On a high I have not encountered the sudden coughing fits that I used to break into.
I had your wonderful health drink for breakfast this morning and I felt like I was jumping out of my skin. What a wonderful way to feel.
My body is working so well since your help, remedies and cleansing.
I feel like a million dollars. I cannot thank you enough.
The medicine and diet are working well; I feel a lot better... I haven’t used the asthma puffer in weeks
My Online Consultation restored my health and confidence in myself.
Thank you so much for your informative e-books the knowledge in them has blown me away.
I have lost about 8 kg and the cough has gone, I have noticed such a difference after your help.
Your tinctures and first class herbs helped us so much during our time of illness.
I just realized I am basically living the life I wanted to step into I am truly grateful for your guidance.
A one hour consultation with you done more for my health than 4 weeks at an expensive health retreat. I am so grateful and I feel so good.
You are a very gifted and beautiful person and the information you gave me is so helpful.
The first time in my life of 75 years my bowels are working properly. I now have clarity and energy.
I feel better than in forever ... clarity of mind ...I feel 5 years younger....sexual ... happy .... depression completely eradicated....
Thanks for helping my husband and providing such enlightened insights We love and appreciate you.
Thank God I found you - my fatigue is just a memory now.
After my detox treatment with you and your special herbs and healing, I naturally fell pregnant.
My consultation was a real eye-opener as well as a tremendous benefit to me in so many ways. I’ll be forever grateful!
Your tincture has ended my Mother’s many years of suffering - she is completely well now.
I tried conventional antibiotics that didn’t work and your Nasturtium Tincture did the trick in just 4 days.
Thank-you so much after your suggestions, potions and healing I am now in remission from cancer. You saved my life.
I cannot thank you enough - 3 days my energy is back and the depression is gone.
Your Online Consultation has been such a life support for me. Not only have I overcome my ills, stress and anxiety, I also have a new zest for living.
Your treatment has restored my energy and wellbeing and has taught me so much.
THANKS for the marvelous change you made to our wayward son. His health has certainly improved as has his attitude to life.
After the adjustment you gave me. I got up on Saturday morning and I was like a new person. The ache in my back between my shoulder blades was gone.
Leg healed, many thanks I am over the moon over it all. Finished the last of the tinctures tonight.
I had Chronic Fatigue for over 4 years, within 3 days my energy was back once I had your guidance and medicine.
Thank you sooooo much for the Medicine!! Today has been pain free - it’s such a relief.
Thank you so much - I am already feeling a lot better after a few days.
I got more benefit from you in one hour than I did in 3 weeks at ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ retreat.
You are such a wealth of information and I thank-you again for sharing it so openly with me.
Thank-you so much for all that you have done for our mum - she is miraculously in remission and loves your herbs and the diet.
The skin on my face feels transformed and glowing. The medicines worked in 2 days combined with the new diet.
My cycle returned back to 28days for the first time in 3 years thanks to you and Plantain. Thank-you so much.
I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness and consideration of my health it has touched me.
I feel like a new woman and my enthusiasm and drive have returned. Thank-you for the Online Consultation.
Thank-you for being one of those rare people who go that extra mile for others and gives so much of yourself.
After 24 years on anti-depressants your Blues Buster Remedy got me off them in just 6 days. My mind fog has gone and I am a new person.
I no longer am a grump and feel so good with my new regime and new head space.
I feel so much better, I can face the day cheerfully once again.
You’ve given me a great start and a much more positive attitude than I had - God bless you!
With the new regime and the Blues Buster Remedy I am amazed how clear headed I am. The depression has gone and I feel motivated again.
The blood clot has gone after only one week of using the medicine. I now have a totally different view on natural medicines.
Your medicines have helped my daughter recover from whooping cough really quickly.

We have revised and extended our
Natural Cancer Treatment download eliminate cause of cancer ebook
to include up-to-date information on the use of cannabis as a natural treatment for cancer conditions.

  Natural Cancer Treatment Ebook 3.79MB PDF file AUD$20.00 Quantity: add to cart

Our range of services and products is based on over 30 years professional, clinical R&D with a sincere care for our client’s wellbeing and respect for their feedback.

What we offer you will work for you - naturally, safely and effectively.

You can now purchase our Organic Herbal Formulations or Remedies - right here and now, safe in the knowledge that these are potent, Professional Grade, Organic preparations which are outstandingly effective.
  remedies are so much easier for you to nutritionally absorb

Products and Services available to you:-

Put yourself in the picture! regain control of your Health naturally:
vital energy on the beach  
  •   get back in control of your life
  •   learn how to eliminate stress
  •   eradicate your toxic burden
  •   create a vibrant, vital life
  •   detox your mind and body
  •   live happier and longer
using methods which are
  •   ethical
  •   natural
  •   low-cost
  •   professional
  •   side-effect-free
  •   simple and easy
  •   readily available
  •   in your best interests
  vital energy on the beach

space space space
stressed and unwell  through ignorance and lack of understanding

Your lifestyle in the 21st century can create continual stress which, in turn, creates toxins (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) which erode your energy, life-force and vitality and especially your resistance to life-threatening diseases including depression, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, infections of all sorts, chronic fatigue, obesity, arthritis, asthma, rheumatism .........

the list goes on and on and continues to grow. relaxed  and healthy with education and support

We provide professional, compassionate health education, care and support based on natural, time-tested and proven-in-the-field approaches to restoring and maintaining vibrant good health and vital wellbeing. We are also passionate about teaching you to care for yourself with our publications and consultations.

Just one visit/consultation/ebook/audiobook/CD will help  you to enjoy the rest of your life

Use our Quick Find Guide or menu above to locate specific information or treatments quickly

about our work at Middle Path

Despite advances in modern health care, many conditions such as depression, stress, cancer, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, lethargy, fatigue and others are reaching epidemic proportions.

The "quick fixes" - a visit to the GP, then the chemist for synthetic drugs or the surgeon for a body-part-ectomy often produce worse side-effects than the original symptoms - this form of "cure" is so often worse than the disease and it is nearly always irreversible; many people find this out too late.

The pressures you and your body are facing these days are mounting - to name just a few:

    •   the pharmaceutical industry regards you as a cash cow and the sicker you are, the bigger their cash-flow/profits which has created the absurd situation where life-saving drugs are a leading cause of unnecessary deaths [2]
    •   the chemical industry is adding toxic chemicals to nutritionless foodstuffs to make it look and taste good [3] [4]
    •   and thats if they are not encouraging folks to load the environment with deadly toxins [5]
    •   the health care industry is spending more on administration and machinery while pretending nutrition is irrelevant and has, itself, become a major threat to modern life [6] [7]
    •   the education system is more concerned with teaching unquestionng uniformity than encouraging meaning and self-worth [8]
    •   the agricultural industry is producing sterile food in a sterile environment where nature is viewed as a threat [9]
All of these assaults on your health, wellbeing and ability to live a fulfilling life inspire us daily to spread the word that there are safe, effective, natural, side-effect-free ways to stay healthy and energetic, and to raise your kids to be confident, competent, considerate and fulfilled adults.

At Middle Path we focus on teaching personal health management and revitalisation using natural treatments and organic medicines which have no toxic penalties or debilitating side-effects. This approach has helped many thousands of our clients reclaim their robust good health, vitality and enjoyment of life and living.

In the clinic we use naturopathy as well as colonic irrigation, iridology, diet and nutritional regimes to get people back on the road to wellness.

We are world-class leaders in using local herbs to provide our clients with potent herbal teas and TGA-approved natural medicines. These we make ourselves using the plants we grow organically at Middle Path which we know are free of any chemical residues, hybridisation or genetic modification.

You can also select from our ebooks, audiobooks and Natural Health Education publications in ebook, CD and audiobook formats which provide solid take-home ongoing support. The ebooks (PDFs) and audio books (MP3 tracks) are available for immediate download, the CDs we mail to you.

For those who are too far away to visit we have created a comprehensive on-line consultation opportunity with optional 6-month ongoing email-based health support.

Our Philosophy is much that of Hippocrates...... the acknowledged “Father of Modern Medicine” who, over 2,000 years ago said “let food be your Medicine and Medicine be your food” - the foundation upon which Naturopathy rests.

Following is a kind of synopsis of the last 100 years of Western healthcare (cortesy ANH):

  1. Once it was recognised that infectious diseases could be controlled by antibiotics like penicillin, they were soon seen as a panacea
  2. This spawned the drug-based healthcare paradigm that has been dominant for the last 60 years or so.  The business model for the pharma companies was driven by profits made from patents on new-to-nature drugs
  3. Drugs delivered impressive results for some infectious diseases, but antibiotic resistance and drug side effects soon proved that healthcare systems based on drugs alone would not be sustainable
  4. Drugs also showed much lesser effectiveness against the emerging chronic disease and mental health epidemics
  5. The expiry of patents on blockbuster drugs, and the deprived pipeline for new drugs, encouraged research on non-drug therapies
  6. Improved understanding of the human genome and epigenetics inspired better understanding of the role of diet and lifestyle in both the development and prevention of diseases.

And that’s essentially where we are today.  - the wheel is turning full circle to discover that health knowledge is, was and always will be about recognising our true nature and respecting it.

See you soon at Middle Path,
Trijntje & Fergus

  Natural Cancer Treatment Ebook 3.79MB PDF file AUD$20.00 Quantity: add to cart


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