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Why choose Natural Health Care?

There are some absolutely shocking statistics about contemporary health care in Western society[1] which are totally ignored by the media.

If you understand them you will be a lot more informed about the choices available for your health care support.

Even more importantly you will be informed about the likely outcomes and consequences of your health care choices.

If you value your health, you need to educate yourself about these facts.

These statistics have been gleaned from hospital records in the United States, there is nothing to suggest that the situation in Australia is much different.

be informed about the likely consequences
of your health care choices

Facts about Health Care in the United States[2]
Each year:

  • Sloppy handwriting causes 7,000 patient deaths
  • Preventable medication mistakes hurt 1,500,00 patients
  • 7,500,000 unnecessary medical and surgical procedures are performed
  • Over 106,000 people die from adverse drug reactions - what we call side-effects, the military calls “collateral damage”
  • 94% of these adverse drug reactions are incorrectly diagnosed
  • Most side effects are mistaken for new disease symptoms, leading to further drugging and unnecessary medical procedures which increase the likelihood of death
  • Most of these deaths are from expected adverse reactions because they are an extension of the drug's actions
  • The mortality rate of people between the ages of 45 and 65, who took their prescription drugs as directed, rose 90% in a 5-year period.
  • As of 2001, Pfizer was the number one most profitable company of all the Fortune 500 companies.
  • Pfizer's profit in 2001 was US$7,800,000,000 (7.8 billion) - more than the profits of ALL Fortune 500 companies in the homebuilding, clothing, railroad and publishing industries combined.
  • Modern medicine is no longer concerned with health.
  • It has become a for-profit disease industry whose profits require that millions of people become sick and stay that way
  • It is an industry that refuses to recognize vitally important health facts such as how stress weakens our immune system
  • How processed foods, alcohol, excessive calories and insufficient exercise encourage disease
  • How the increasing toxic burden of tens of thousands of unnatural chemicals in our environment - air supply, water supply, food supply are directly and undeniably linked to the modern diseases which are epidemic in our society
  • You are told to stay out of the sun yet each year more than 50,000 people die from cancer because they didn't get sufficient sun exposure
  • Why is this situation continuing? Why is no-one telling you the truth? As the journalists used to say - “Follow the Money”
  • More than half of the population of the United States have received unnecessary medical treatment
  • That is about 50,000 people every day
  • Around 42% have been directly affected (often maimed) by a medical mistake, from a procedure or a drug.
  • 84% of the population know someone personally who is a victim of a medical mistake or error.
  • The consequences of these medical mistakes and errors is the equivalent of six fully-loaded jumbo jets crashing with loss of all life - each and every day
  • The difference, the only difference, is in the media coverage - there is no public mention of the tragedy, grief and anguish unnecessarily caused by modern medicine
  • The error rate in intensive care units alone is like the US Post Office losing more than 16,000 pieces of mail every hour of every day.
  • Or as if banks deducted cheques from the wrong accounts 32,000 times an hour, every hour of every day of every year.
  • The American medical system is the Number One Killer in the United States.
  • In 10 years it has killed around 8,000,000 people - more deaths than all the americans killed in all the conflicts in all of history.
  • In 2006 the american health care spending reached US$2,000,000,000,000 (2 trillion)
  • Free market economics tells us this should achieve the best medical system in the world - unparalleled in disease prevention and remediation with minimal harm or damage
  • Instead it is worse than that of many third-world countries
  • There are more factors which encourage this slaughter:
    • Deceptive marketing has encouraged people into spending 90% of the food budget on highly processed, additive-loaded, unhealthy foodstuffs.
    • Sugar in soft drinks is the major source of calories in the US, causing 1 in 3 Americans to develop diabetes (or pre-diabetes), and 2 in 3 Americans to become overweight, half of these are obese.
  • How many more people will be killed before you choose to take control of your health care?
  • Toxic, synthetic medicines will not ever reverse poor health which is a result of poor food choices
  • Consider - what possible benefits could outweigh a statistically-proven risk of unintentional death as the side-effect of most medical drugs?
  • Are you interested enough in your own health and wellbeing to make the effort to care for you health
  • Or would you rather modern medicine did it for you and you pay them astronomically for their products and services?
  • It is your life, it is your choice - the consequences are permanent and life-or-death.

    You may also find our Naturopathic Guide to Ultimate Natural Health and Nutrition ebook  helpful
      and our Secrets to Living a Quality Life ebook, audiobook, CD  is useful as well


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