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Your Quality of Life


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Your quality of life - a term used to describe “liveability” or “life-satisfaction” was once a term which people used to express the degree of contentment, enjoyment, gladness, peace of mind or well-being they felt in their lives. The opposites of these qualities: depression, gloom, misery, pain, sadness, sorrow, unhappiness, woe were terms which weren't much used except in moments of misfortune, now they are a consistent feature of the mainstream media.

Even the term “Quality of Life” has now been hijacked by politicians and academics which has resulted in the subject of our quality of life disappearing from public awareness. For us, how joyous we feel to be waking up each morning is one of the major factors in most people's quality of life and as good a measure as any.

Interestingy The Australian Centre on Quality of Life has not published anything since 2007 - perhaps it is no longer an issue in the “Lucky Country”.

The point we're making is that your quality of life is being taken from you and a lot of people are unaware it is disappearing - if you are interested in your enjoyment of life - that gift which “surpasses all understanding”, you need to take personal responsibility for maintaining, sustaining and improving it see the list of articles.


A quality life is one you enjoy

Today's Quality of Life Challenge

We are living in an increasingly toxic environment - on all levels - there are poisons in the air, earth and water, toxic ideas are broadcast continuously through many media, fear and loathing are being widely encouraged on many fronts. We can absorb and assimilate toxins from listening, watching, feeling, thinking, eating, drinking and breathing.

increasing pressures from many sources


At the same time, the nutritive value of our foods is being steadily eroded through increasing introduction of toxic additives, plant hybridisation, genetic modification, woeful agri-business land-use policies and other scientific "advances" such as nanotechnology. The level of vitamins and minerals in fruit and vegetables has decreased since the middle of the twentieth century until today where, in Britain, a study has shown that:

"Over the past 60 years the levels of iron, magnesium and other minerals important for the body’s biochemical balance have declined by between a quarter and three-quarters in fruit and vegetables. The proportion of sugar has doubled in fruit such as apples and pears over the same period."The Sunday Times, February 08, 2004 (this page has disappeared but you can see a copy here)

“Food additives in use today can be divided roughly into three main types: cosmetics, preservatives and processing aids, totaling presently about 3,794 different additives, of which over 3,640 are used purely as cosmetics, 63 as preservatives and 91 as processing aids. The growth in the use of food additives has increased enormously in the past 30 years, totaling now over 200,000 tonnes per year. Therefore it has been estimated that as today about 75% of the Western diet is made up of various processed foods, each person is now consuming an average over 4kgs of food additives per year, with some possibly eating considerably more. ”    Reference: (this page has disappeared)

What does this mean?

As our bodies are called upon more and more to combat the life-endangering effects of the modern living's toxic onslaught they are also becoming increasingly starved of vital ingredients for an effectively and efficiently functioning immune system - our major protection against all illness. Sugar is the principal nutrient for cancer - as sugar intake increases so does the risk of developing a cancerous condition. We believe these 2 developments are producing the global epidemic of disease afflicting the western world.

Meanwhile conventional health care services around the world are finding it increasingly difficult to cope - in the United States

"in February 1992, the consumer research body Social Audit reported, on the basis of four studies between 1981 and 1988, that more than 10,000 hospital beds are taken up at any one time by people suffering adverse reactions (ADR) to prescription drugs.""“Nil by Mouth” , The Observer Magazine, February 29, 2004

“iatrogenic (caused by doctors and drugs) disease caused 783,936 deaths in contrast with 699,697 deaths from heart disease and 553,251 from cancer.” Reference: “Death by Medicine” By Gary Null, Ph.D., PhD; Carolyn Dean MD, ND; Martin Feldman, MD; Debora Rasio, MD; and Dorothy Smith, PhD


Your personal Homeland Security Alert Level meter

In short we, as individuals, are facing an increasing threat with diminishing resources as our defenses and nutritional support bases are becoming overwhelmed and depleted.

What can you do about it?

We believe these are amongst the sanest and most effective things you can do to take charge of your own bodies defense forces, replenish your resources and minimise the threat by making sane choices about what you consume.

Choose what you consume with awareness

  1. Reduce the load on your body's defenses from internal sources: detox - reducing your internal toxic load gives your body the chance to focus more of its attention on dealing with external toxic sources. Colonic irrigation is, in our opinion, one of the best treatments to lighten your toxic load.

  2. Adjust your diet to include food which is high in minerals and vitamins with other beneficial properties and so start to replenish your bodies reserves of vital "war material". Our vitamin and mineral, food additives and alkaline foods fact sheets are a good place to start.

  3. Learn some basic truths about your enjoyment of life and your diet - a word too-often associated with weight-loss as opposed to nurturing your complex and marvellous biological machine. A health assessment carried out by someone well-versed in natural food sources and diet is a solid investment in your future. Our online consultation service is something you can use, right now, to learn what you can do - in a very real, personal and practical sense - to reclaim your right and ability to live fully and healthily.

Articles to help you Reclaim your Quality of Life - Naturally

We are committed to sharing information which can help you reclaim self-determination of your own health and well-being, using natural (ie untampered-with) foodstuffs which are readily-available and methods which are safe and straightforward:

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Quality of Life for Your Body

Quality of Life in Your Health Care

Quality of Life in Your Nutrition

Quality of Life in Your Environment

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