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Easy, Tasty Vegetarian Energy-Boosting Recipes ebook

A healthEbook on Easy to Prepare Naturally Healthy
Energy-boosting Vegetarian Food Recipes

An instantly downloadable ebook
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Your health is your greatest asset, when you feed your body the nutrients (nourishment) it needs to achieve its full potential you experience endless energy and vibrant good health.

What you eat today determines your tomorrow.

If you eat vital, live, energy-producing foods today, tomorrow you will feel alive, vital and energetic.

If you eat junk food today, tomorrow you will feel lethargic, depressed and wasted.
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  Easy Vegetarian Recipes Ebook  
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Some people seem to think that healthy foods are unappetising, difficult to prepare, need expensive hard-to-find ingredients or are just too time-consuming to fit into today's fast lifestyles.

Not So!

The 170+ simple energy-boosting healthy recipes are mostly gluten- and dairy-free in recognition of increasing allergic reactions and intolerances in today's society.

You will receive a wide variety of vegetarian recipes, an ideal healthy diet, and information about the laws of nature to incorporate in your lifestyle.

We have combined many years of clinical practice in our Natural Health Care clinic with extensive research into healthy food preparation to compile this 50+ page ebook on specific recipes which:

  • are easy and quick to prepare
  • taste delicious and appetising
  • use commonly-available ingredients which are additive-free
  • are energy-boosting rather than energy-sapping
  • are highly nutritious and health-maintaining

Healthy Foods can be
filling, appetising and easy to prepare

Boost your Energy and Revitalise your life - while you eat
  Easy Vegetarian Recipes Ebook 492KB PDF file AUD$20.00 Quantity: add to cart

So get involved and have some fun with creative cooking using interesting recipes for taste, nutrition and vital health.

If you have children or live with other people get them involved, teach them what they will need and have to do to create the meal from the recipe.

This is a wonderful learning experience for everyone involved and is a wonderful practical way to teach your children, if you have any, about nutrition and sensible food choices.

It also makes life much easier and more fun if everyone in the household has a night when it is their turn to prepare natural healthy food of their choice.

Easy Natural Healthy Food Recipes contains sections on:

        • Common Sense Health Food Guidance
        • Sensational Soups
        • Fruits and Fruit Juices
        • Veggies and Veggie/Fruit Juices
        • Main Dishes
        • Breads and Grains
        • Sweets and Treats
        • Suggestions for an Ideal Diet
        • The Laws of Nature
        • American & English Measurements

To Your Exceptional Good Health
Trijntje Reilly

  Easy Vegetarian Recipes Ebook 492KB PDF file AUD$20.00 Quantity: add to cart> Middle Path> Natural Health Education> Easy and Tasty Vegetarian Energy Boosting Recipes ebook
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