Wonderful Weeds - Marvellous Medicine  

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Wild Herbs or Weeds - Nature's Masters of Preventive Health Care

Survivors providing Vitamins and Minerals for environmental and human health and wellbeing

Have you ever thought that the weeds that are growing in a particular area are there for a reason and to heal that particular piece of land?

We have noticed that wherever we have seen people spray poison, straight after the poisoning comes the weeds, like Cobblers Pegs, sometimes known as“ farmers friends” for an example.

These weeds have amazing properties and are rich in calcium and many nutrients and start healing that particular microenvironment within days. Removing toxins and restoring life and vitality to the land.

We have found that many of these so-called weeds have similar effects of we humans and so we look at them as “Nature's Preventive Medicine Chest”.

Amazingly, many of them are also a tasty and pleasant addition to our menu - in salads, stir-frys or just a refreshing healthy snack as we are working in the garden.


Weeds or wondrous herbs - its all in the attitude
Weeds - Woes or wonders?
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The mature seeds on a dandelion ready to parachute to new territory to start there work
mature seeds on a dandelion

When we have given those particular areas that have been poisoned (by over enthusiastic neighbours) a few applications of Rock Powder which is rich in nutrients, there is no longer any need for the weeds to grow there. In a short time many of the weeds no longer grow there.

It has shown us that nature knows best and that the weeds are there for a purpose to heal the land and the environment.

Many wonderful weeds are a great form of natural food which can be placed in salads and stir frys etc. There are many wonderful weeds that have amazing medicinal properties and can create health and vitality for all.

It seems such a shame for those wonderful weeds to be mowed down or poisoned when they have so much to offer humanity.

You can have your weeds identified by the Herbarium Department in the Botanical Gardens in your Capital State. By accurate identification you will know exactly if they are edible and what they can be used for medicinally.

 overview list of “weed” medicines  

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