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Narrowleaf Plantain - Plantago lanceolata overview

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Plantain Ribwort
Plantago lanceolata

Blackjack, Black Plantain, Costa Canina, Hen Plant, Jackstraw, Lamb's Tongue, Lance-leaf Plantain, Long Plantain, Narrow leaved Plantain, Ribble Grass, Ribgrass, Soldier's Herb, Snake Plantain


One of the great miracle herbs that I have discovered growing wild on our land is Plantain or Narrow-leafed Ribwort [1] - Plantago lanceolata, also known as Rat-tail Plantain or just Ribwort.

This marvellous herb keeps on astounding me as I use it with my patients, and I see the wonderful results that occur.

Word certainly has gotten around about how wonderful Plantain is for Menopause. I have clients from all over the world who have suffered terribly with hot flushes, mood swings and emotional highs and lows and the common words I hear from them is “thank you, thank you so much, taking your Plantain tea / tincture has given me my life back and my hormones are now balanced, the flushes are gone and my moods and emotions are balanced again”.


Narrow leaved Plantain in flower

Clients who have suffered lung problems like Plueresy and Pneumonia tell me how quickly Plantain has helped them to recover and get back to being healthy again.

Plantain has been a wonderful remedy for young children who wet the bed their parents are overjoyed with the results of this miracle herb and not having to change sheets every morning.

I have seen skin, bladder and kidney conditions quickly improve by taking Plantain for just 12 weeks. Clients are amazed that in such a short time their health is back to normal and some of them had been using pharmaceutical drugs with absolutely no improvement.

massed Ribwort by the roadside


When we first moved onto our land, I noticed that there was an abundance of Ribwort growing along the sides of our drive, I knew that it was wonderful for many ailments, but did not realise at that time how profound it was. I was talking to our new neighbour after we first moved here, and he told me his wife was weeding in our adjoining drive and was bitten by a brown snake and had been in intensive care for some time. He showed me the place where she was attacked: I noticed that there was lots of Ribwort growing there.

Since then the closely-related variety Greater Ribwort, or Broad-leafed Plantain, Plantago Major has introduced itself to Middle Path and has estgablished a strong and greatly-appreciated presence here as it seems more robust and resistant to the wet conditions we experience for a lot of the year.

I felt inspired to look up the uses of Plantain. There it was Ribwort - to be used for snakebites [2] - if the knowledge would have been available our neighbours wife could have placed the leaves on the bite and it would have drawn out the poison. It seemed that nature provided the cure nearby as the American Indians [3] and settlers [4] well knew.

It has a close relative, Broad leaved Plantain which is so similar in it's characteristics that we combine the 2 when we make our Plantain Tea and Tincture.

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 overview health uses herb actions constituents medicine tea tincture history cultivation video  

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