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Purpose in Life and Passion for Living - could you use more?

Passion, Purpose, Meaning, Success, Fulfillment, Creativity, Achievement, Joy, Excitement- they are all synonyms for a life well-lived.

You can't have one without having all the others come bursting through your front door and taking up an exuberant, even boisterous, residence throughout your whole being.

All the books, gurus, workshops etc. etc. say so. Why oh why is it so difficult for so many to attract these qualities into their lives?

Why is this rant on Passion any different?

First I want us to take a fairly critical look at the instructions a lot of “passion guides” detail when outlining how to get passionate about your life.

Then I want to tell you why I think that approach doesn't work very effectively for very many people.

Finally I want to share with you a way you can create passion in your life using some simple techniques.

What you do with that passion is entirely up to you and you will know far better than I what form it will take - that, at least, is something all the experts agree on.

In short, what I am saying is:

Learn to Manage your Passion first,
formatting imagethe Purpose will Follow


Passion for Life and Living - could you use more?

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Finding Purpose - some typical guidance

You may have heard all this before - in fact, I hope you have because that means you are ready to do it not just read about it any more.

Here are some approaches, taken from different sources on the net, which illustrate fairly typical guidance:

Searching for Purpose or just a Purpose for Searching?

  • You have to work hard to find your life's purpose [1] .
  • Your life's purpose is hidden and needs to be unearthed [2] . which is a long, arduous undertaking.
  • passionate living is a journey—sometimes taken in baby steps and sometimes in huge leaps of faith [3]
  • The first step is to erase our self imposed limitations [4] (now that sounds exciting!)
  • Give yourself permission to dream a little [5] .
  • You need to have some serious time to reflect [6]
  • Evaluate Your Life. Set goals. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Analyse your time. Consider your fears. Make a daily success plan. Leave regret behind. Seek positive advice. Read great books. Develop Regular Habits. [7]

Please don't get us wrong, I am not trying to put that advice down, I am sure that the people who give it achieve excellent results and success in their lives and help a lot of people take another step on their journeys.

What I am saying is that there are a lot of people who have tried to follow that advice, embrace those ideas, adhere to those guidelines that are still trudging through life wondering what purpose and passion are all about.

Case in point: consider a young child, they certainly have energy and passion and are usually fairly purposeful. I don't know one that could even grasp those concepts let alone attempt to follow them. Yet they are living a life with passion and they are, in their own way, doing all those things, most of the day, most days. You could say its child's play.

So, why doesn't all that good advice work for everyone?

It take years of schooling and suppression to teach a person to forget how to play like a child, to live without passion and to accept the dictum “consume, be silent die” as a responsible approach to being a citizen.

Heck - even Jesus made the comment “unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven” [8]. I believe that one of the meanings therein is “if you aren't living life with passion - its going to be some kind of hell”.

Few guides seem to consider that passion demands a large supple of energy coursing through your body and being. Your body must be able to handle that energy and it's flow and direction if you are going to be able to handle life of passion and purpose.

That's just common sense really, if you want to fill a bathtub with a thimble it's going to be a life's work. If you learn to use a bucket its going to take an hour or. If you get a fire hose its going to take under a minute - it depends on the capacity and energy pressure your vehicle can tolerate. You can also see that the amount of fun you'll have depends on how much flow you can handle.

That is why developing passion outwardly can take a long time, be a hard task, become “your life's work”. The key skill is not finding your purpose, it is learning to manage the energy that purpose needs to operate prominently in your life..


looking for Purpose before Passion
too much, too soon?

That is why so many people sabotage themselves - to prevent them taking on more demand in their life than their energy-management-capacity can handle

It is a frustrating and tiresome form of self-preservation or survival of the status quo.

So, How can you develop your Passion Management Skills?

You can probably guess the answer already - to embrace passion, first expand and strengthen your ability to generate and consciously manage some potent energy.

NO! do not stick you fingers in an electrical socket - that will just burn your circuits out - it may even kill you if you keep them in there for some time. Your body simply cannot handle that amount of raw energy - yet.

No - what you need to do is resume the development of your energy-channeling abilities that were interrupted earlier in your life.

There is one sure-fire way we all know how to generate the energy of passion - its all around us in the mass media, through the TV, on the Internet - sex. The saying goes “sex sells” - but really “Sex Energises” is a deeper truth.

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Its Passion, does it have Purpose yet?


Most everyone has had intense, highly-energised experiences involving sex, the desire for sex, having sex, watching sex, thinking about sex.

Whatever it is, there is something that turns you on, inspires you to create massive amounts of energy or passion.

Once you learn to manage the generation and deployment of that energy, you can have as much passion in your life as you want to handle.

If all you want to do is squirt it out the end of your penis and go to sleep - fair enough, that can be most enjoyable but, in the morning, you'll still have to get up and go to work without all that energy.

For women, the equivalent would be letting it all bleed away once a month when the body realizes it won't need all that good energy to support a pregnancy.

If you learn to consciously retain that energy and passion - you will stay “turned on”, your motor will keep running, and, before you even rev it up, purpose, excitement, meaning, success, creativity will all come beating a path to your door.

Then, and not before, will you need to learn all those other skills I mentioned before: Evaluate Your Life, Set goals, Don’t sweat the small stuff, Analyse your time, Consider your fears, Make a daily success plan, Leave regret behind, Seek positive advice, Read great books - because then you will need to operate effectively because there will be just so much you want to do.

How your body handles energy?

There is precious little knowledge in the west to help you here, your body's energy channels are best understood through eastern traditions such as Acupuncture, Tantra and Taoism.

In the west exploring your potent sexual energies and developing skill in their generation, management and deployment is either frowned upon, punished, legislated against, sneered at, ridiculed, banished.

As soon as your body matured to a point where the channels were ready to develop serious capacity, you were admonished , warned not to, told it would get you in trouble - I'm just guessing here but that is true for most people I have worked with. In my case it was an simply ignored - no-one talked about it and it was a case of trial and error - lots of trials and lots of errors.

So how does a mature adult human being teach their body to increase its energy-handling capacity?

One way is athletically - working with physical energy like elite sports people do. Now that is hard work and time-consuming. The only way you can develop passion that way is to lust to win, to beat your competitors, success relies on winning and there are winners only because there are a lot more losers.

It takes over 5 million losers to make one olympic champion in some sports, what a fun-filled community-passion-building pursuit that must be.

If you choose cooperation over competition, that won't appeal to you.

You will, like me, prefer to find a way where your success helps others achieve their success rather than preventing them succeeding.

If you are in a relationship, and your partner also wants to inject more passion into his or her life, then Conscious Coupling is a safe, gentle, most enjoyable and richly-rewarding path to potent energy-management excellence. You can download an ebook here with all the step-by-step instructions and illustrations.

If you are not in a relationship, do not have someone who is willing to share a path to passion or want to do it alone, then the techniques and exercises in Conscious Coupling will work equally well for you. You will just have to be more self-sufficient when it comes to generating the potent sexual energy.

One great thing about passion, it doesn't so much matter how you build up your fires, its what you do with the blaze once its burning brightly that matters when it comes to living your life with passion and purpose.


Would you prefer a passion you can share?

  Conscious Coupling Ebook 1.2MB PDF file AUD$20.00 Quantity: add to cart
  Manifest Motivation Hypnotherapy track 14.21MB for MP3 file AUD$20.00 Quantity: add to cart
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Putting it all together

  1. Most people want Passion, Purpose, Meaning, Excitement, Creativity, Success throughout their life

Conscious Coupling ebook cover

  1. Most people want to share it rather than beat it out of someone else's life

  2. In Western Society, we are systematically prevented from naturally developing the capacity to handle a life of Passion

  3. Learning the skills needed to manage a passionate life without learning how to manage Passion itself doesn't work

  4. You know how to create Passion - its what turns you on: Sex works for most of us

  5. Learning to manage your potent sexual energy with simple exercises and practices will teach you how to handle the powerful energies of Passion

  6. Once you can create Passion and have developed the ability to channel Passion, then Purpose, Meaning, Excitement, Creativity, Success will beat a path to your door

  1. So - learn to Couple Consciously and get yourself a life of Purpose, Meaning and Passion.

    You may also find our Conscious Coupling ebook  helpful
      and our Hypnotherapy session for Motivation and Passion  is useful as well
      and our Fast Superfood Smoothie Recipes for Endless Energy ebook  is useful as well


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