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Conscious Coupling

Techniques to create a Passionate Sex Life and for Healing Life, Living and Relationship

based on Tantra , Taoism and Sexual Intimacy

Conscious lovemaking is a passion-filled activity which generates massive amounts of potent, creative life-force energy; conscious coupling is a way to generate, manage and apply that passionate energy wherever, whenever and however you desire.

Once you are passionate about whatever you are doing and you have a stored-up reserve of potent, creative life-force vitalising all your organs and activities - nothing will stop you.

You can develop your control of these energies indefinitely and turn your life into one long orgasm!

There is nothing so life-enriching as relationship, sharing life with someone you love, cherish, respect and trust is absolutely irreplaceable and beyond measure, even when that person is yourself!


Conscious Couplling - a recipe for Splendid,
Healthy Sex and Healing Relationship

One of the most beneficial aspects is the energy and support which a rich relationship gives you. The most powerful energy a couple can generate is, for most of us, sexual energy.

Couples who approach their sexual coupling in a conscious way, can harness this energy, store it in their cells and organs and make use of it anywhere and in any way they choose.

Naturally we are keenly interested in the use of this potent energy for health, vitality and wellbeing; the two traditions which offer training in this art are Tantra and Taoism.

Neither of these traditions regard sex as a goal or end-result, so to speak, as is often the case with western sexual guidance.

These Eastern traditions regard sexual coupling as a vehicle for developing life-enhancing skills and creating extensive energy reserves which banish disease and much, much, much more.

Learning these skills and abilities, and especially sharing the process with someone you love, in a conscious way will add depths and richness to your life that you never imagined.

It is also the most powerful life-extending way you can maintain extraordinary levels of health and vitality naturally and safely - and have immense amounts of mind-blowing enjoyment along the way.

The fabulous fix for jaded relationships

conscious coupling lasts
as long as you want it to


One of the biggest challenges many long-term relationships face is that of a deteriorating attraction accompanied by a sex-life which is becoming dull and repetitious. This can seriously hurt an otherwise-healthy relationship by provoking negative feelings, dissatisfaction or destructive behaviour patterns.

Conscious sexual coupling does not suffer these problems, it does not become mundane, boring or unrewarding. Where ordinary sex tends to end with orgasm, conscious coupling really only begins with orgasm and moves on to higher and more enriching levels from there.

You know that your sexual energy is the most powerful and potent creative force within you:

  • it is the energy which is needed to create new life - the most profound act of creation available to humans
  • it is ruthlessly exploited by all advertising and marketing activities to promote anything from acne-cream to zucchinis.
Once you develop a degree of expertise with conscious coupling practices you will find that you will become more powerfully creative in all aspects of your life.

In fact, if you think about it - you will realise that the times in your life which were the most rewarding and intensely enjoyable are exactly those times when you were passionate about what you were doing.

So, how can you get started?

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  you may also appreciate our   Conscious Coupling ebook
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