Sea Sponge Substitute for Tampons

avoid Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) [1] [2]

Toxic shock syndrome has now caused the death of quite a few females using synthetic tampons. Whether it is the synthetic substance used in the tampons or the infrequent changing of the tampons or the combination of these two factors is not yet clear, nevertheless it is happening. There is a safe simple solution amongst us.

Sea sponges which are a natural soft sponge can be bought at most chemists, markets or cosmetic shops for a few dollars. They are economical and reusable for about 6 months. You can shop around for a source that is economical and the right size about 5cm or 2 inches in diameter. Sometimes you can find some large sea sponge that can be cut into the appropriate size. Some of the sea sponges sold in chemists are a bit small. You will soon find some that will suit you.

Sea sponges are comfortable and easy to use. They need to be rinsed to soften them before you insert it. Insert the sea sponge whilst menstruating, take it out regularly just as if you where using a tampon and rinse it and then re insert it again. You will be responsible for your own personal hygiene.

  a natural sea sponge
a natural sea sponge

Sea sponges are comfortable unlike tampons which hurt if you do not position them right. Sea sponges give and mould with your body and are a natural fiber. There is no packaging or toxic waste for the environment to deal with.

Quite a lot of prostitutes use sea sponges whilst menstruating, so that they do not have to stop working during their period. Apparently men do not even feel that they have them inserted because of the softness of the sea sponge.

I only heard about sea sponges about a year before going through menopause and found them to be such a wonderful thing:

  • I could always carry one in my bag and had no worries of being unable to get to a shop if I un-expectantly started to bleed
  • I could rinse it out and squeeze it dry in any public toilet, thus making it fresh and like new
  • Between periods, the sponges can be stored with a couple of drops of tea tree oil squeezed through them to prevent any mould or bacteria damaging them
  • Sea sponges are simple to use and very comfortable once inserted.

Throw away your toxic tampons and pads and feel free.

These days many chemists stock sea sponges, I've also seen them at Bunnings, cosmetic stores and markets. Here's a site you can order Sea Sponge Tampons if none are available locally: (due to the requirements of Australian regulatory bodies, it is challenging to find an Australian site which will supply Sea Sponge Tampons.

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