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Natural Bath & Beauty
Treatments for Glowing Skin

Beautify your Skin and Body and Glow Naturally
(Day and Night!) - Feel Like a Million Dollars

Complete with Safe Toxin-free Recipes
The Way Nature Intended
~ 80 pages which you can print

This ebook focuses on Natural, Safe and Healthy Skin, Body and Beauty
Treatments which are free of chemical toxins
unlike most commercial cosmetics.
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  Natural Skin Care Ebook  
563KB PDF file AUD$20.00
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Beautify your skin and body The Way Nature Intended


Detailed easy-to-follow recipes, based on readily-available ingredients, are included for all preparations and treatments.

You will find these recipes a treat to make as well as empowering and luxurious to use.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body which excretes and absorbs with equally; wisdom says: “If you won't eat it don't put it on your skin”.

When you consider how much perspiration you can produce you will start to understand just how toxic you can become using chemically saturated commercial cosmetics and treatments on your skin and hair (have you ever read the ingredient list on shampoo for example?)

Using Natural Bath & Beauty Treatments combined with a healthy diet has hugely improved the skin, health and wellbeing of thousands of people who have benefitted from the information in Natural Bath & Beauty Treatments for Glowing Skin.

All these treatments can be used daily, easily and effectively and some recipes can be made for friends as a wonderful gift solution for special occassions.

Enhance Your Beauty Naturally - in the bath
  Natural Skin Care Ebook 563KB PDF file AUD$20.00 Quantity: add to cart

The Natural Bath & Beauty Skin Treatments for Glowing Skin ebook contains over 80 pages (A4-sized pages) of quality, healthy natural recipes for your body and skin.

Natural Bath & Body Treatments for Glowing Skin ebook includes:
          over 80 A4 pages of natural-ingredient recipes for:

  • body and bath treatments
  • body powders
  • body soaps and scrubs
  • perfumes
  • body sprays
  • natural remedies
  • hair
  • lotions
  • creams and toners
  • facial soaps and cleansers
  • masks
  • lip balms
  • deodorants
  • teeth care
  • nail and eye care
  • treatments for injuries & sore muscles
  • massage oils
  • an ideal beauty-maintaining diet

To Your Very Good Health,
Trijntje Reilly

  Natural Skin Care Ebook 563KB PDF file AUD$20.00 Quantity: add to cart> Middle Path> Natural Health Education>
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