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Natural Body Care

For Men Women Teenagers and Children

There are billions of dollars spent every year in the cosmetic and body care industry which means that the prime motivation for cosmetic manufacturers has become profit.

The skin is your body's largest organ and, if you have ever perspried, you know that it is a permeable membrane which means that it absorbs whatever is smeared on it as effectively as it emits.

If you want to lower your toxic stress load then it is simple common sense to minimise the toxic absorption due to using man-made cosmetics.

Most of these toxic synthetic chemical products have been tested on animals causing them horrific abuse and death and also cause allergies including eczema and other skin diseases. Many of these products are carcinogenic. These products are laden with toxins that get absorbed into the skin and affect your health.

There are many basic natural simple products that you can use in your daily life, that are safe and beneficial to the skin and body and very economical to buy.

Here is a list of effective safe products that you can use safely on your skin and hair and get back to basics and the money you save will give you an extra holiday per year.


glowing skin - natural body care


Buy a Natural skin brush and dry brush the body before showering. This gets rid of dead cells and rejuvenates the skin giving it a glow, and opens the pores for elimination of toxins. Find a medium-firm brush with a head at least as large as the palm of your hand, a handle long enough to reach your back with natural bristles (nylon or other synthetic bristles tend to be sharp and might damage your skin).

  1. Begin by opening the primary lymphatic ducts, finger-massaging below your collarbone and on the left and right groin areas. This only takes a few seconds.
  2. Move to the soles of your feet, brushing vigorously in a circular motion. Use short, upward strokes, gradually moving over your feet and legs. Continue brushing upward over your stomach to your breasts (chest) and over your buttocks to your waist.
  3. Repeat the circular motions on your palms, use short, upward strokes on the rest of your hands and arms. Brush down from your neck out to your shoulders, down your breasts (chest) and down your back. Dry-brushing can be performed up to five times a week and is best done before you bathe, so exfoliated dead skin cells can be rinsed away. Avoid using this energizing technique before bed.

Wash skin with liquid natural castile soap diluted with 50% water or basic Sunlight soap that is used for washing. If you have a skin ailment use Sunlight soap instead of detergent for washing up. Buy a container that you can put the sunshine soap into to shake it when you put it in the water to wash up. You can also leave a bar of sunlight soap in a bucket covered with water and wait till it is mushy and put the mushy part in the washing machine to use instead of washing powder.

One of my clients researched washing powders and found that the only one he didn’t get a skin reaction of was Surf. He had a very bad case of Psoriasis which flared up when he used chemical washing powders.

We use Solyptol soap which you can buy in the chemist when we have a busy day in the garden and have scratches from lantana or branches. It stops any infections occurring. It is also good if you have heat rash or any infections.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is an excellent skin moisturiser for all ages for the body and face and leaves your skin feeling smooth and glowing.

Blackstrap Molasses

For a face mask there is nothing better than putting blackstrap molasses on the face and neck and leaving it for an hour. It goes stiff and washes off easily. This makes your face glow for special occasions. An old lady 91 told me this one and said that when she wants to feel like she is 19 again she does this – It leaves the face feeling like silk.

Anti Wrinkle Remedy

I have a great anti wrinkle remedy that is great for people who have premature wrinkles or just to use as a preventative. This remedy lasts for years and is great to bottle up and give as a gift to others as a small amount goes a long way.
  • 1-500ml bottle virgin olive oil
  • 1-500ml bottle apricot oil
  • 1–500ml bottle grape seed oil
  • Break open 50 vitamin E capsules and mix in with other oil
  • 1 bottle of essential oil - use a scent of your choice. There is a large choice of essential oils to choose from. I prefer Amber when I can get it as it is suitable for both men and woman and smells great.
People love this when I give them a gift of it.

You only need the smallest amount for around the eyes and face.

Acne and Pimples

Wash face with natural liquid Castile soap diluted with 50% of water. You can use Witch Hazel as an Astringent to cleanse the face after. Last thing at night use some cornflower as if it was talcum powder over the effected area and leave on all night. This stops the bacteria from spreading and dries out the oily breeding ground of acne and pimples. If the pimples or acne is hormonal or because of an impure blood stream you can drink 2 cups only per day of Red Clover tea.

Sunscreen for your skin

Use Organic Virgin Coconut oil rather than sunscreens which actually cause skin cancer. It makes you go brown and blocks out the UV. Great tanning lotion and is safe. Spending time in the sunlight is actually healthy.


For under arm deodorant use a crystal stick or a non-aluminium deodorant (aluminium absorption has been linked to the development of Alzheimer's disease). Do not use anti-perspirants as the body needs to perspire - especially in the armpits, a region the lymph system uses to eliminate toxins from deep in the body.

We suspect that the combination of wearing a tight bra (which restricts the circulation and blood-flow in this important area) and using an ant-perspirant (which prevents the elimination of toxic build-up in the lymph node region) may create significant encouragement for the development of breast cancer as the body does its best to deal with the toxic build-up of a “modern lifestyle”.

You can make a paste of bi-carbonate of soda and water and use that under your armpits to cleanse that area.

Make Up

Find a product that is not tested on animals and is natural and free from toxic chemicals. Most Health Food stores have natural make up. The body shop has some hemp oil based lipsticks and these are sold in some health food stores.


For perfume use natural essential oils a scent of your choice. I mainly want to get this message across that you don’t have to follow like sheep and buy all the advertised crap that is around that is health destroying. That you can make a choice and choose natural products that will improve your skin as they are anti aging products and feed the skin rather than destroy it and cause skin ailments and health problems. By using these simple methods I have seen many of my clients overcome eczema and many skin problems. They save money and contribute to cleaning up our environment from toxic waste and the abuse to animals that are tested inhumanely.



Throw away toxic chemical shampoos that strip your hair and buy from the health food store some Almond Castile liquid soap and dilute it 50% with water put it in a bottle and use as a body soap and a shampoo. Only wash the hair once a week and the rest of the time just shower and put hands through the hair as if washing it with just plain water. If you want extra body in your hair use Sunlight soap the natural washing soap for the first lather. If you want highlights in your hair you can add some lemon juice in with the Castile soap or put it directly on your hair and be in the sun for a few hours. You will not need a conditioner as your hair will feel great.

I was wondering years ago why my hair just wouldn’t grow and was always falling out. It was because I washed it every day with commercial shampoo. Now it grows is long and is in the best of condition. You can trim your hair every 6 weeks as this makes it grow faster and keeps split ends at bay. If you get split ends a little castor oil on the ends helps amazingly once a week and leave it on for an hour and wash it out.


Coconut Oil can be used once per month as a conditioner. Just rub it into the hair and leave for an hour or an afternoon if you have time. Then wash your hair with diluted castile soap. Please take care to use only Organic Virgin Coconut Oil cold-pressed from fresh green coconuts rather than oil which has been chemically-extracted extracted from copra.


Natural Hair Care looks better, feels better
is better


You can clean your teeth with natural celtic sea salt or bi-carbonate of soda or natural toothpaste that has no fluoride.

If you have any gum infections or an abscess on your teeth drink 3 cups of Yellow Dock tea daily which will rectify the condition within a few days.

Natural Sea Sponge instead of Tampons

Toxic shock syndrome has now caused the death of quite a few females using synthetic tampons. Whether it is the synthetic substance used in the tampons or the infrequent changing of the tampons or the combination of these two factors is not yet clear, nevertheless it is happening. There is a safe simple solution amongst us. Use natural sea sponges and save on pollution.


  • Wear natural cotton, hemp or silk clothing that helps your body to breathe.
  • Make sure if wearing a bra that it isn’t tight as this may constrict the lymphatic system which then could cause breast cancer.
  • Men should be aware not to wear tight pants that constrict the genitals
  • Wear cotton underwear.
  • Spend 10 minutes per day naked in the sun as the body needs Vitamin D.

We are just like plants if we don’t get fertilised with good nutrition we go yellow wilt and die. When your diet consists of unnatural unrefined foods you become too acid and are a breeding ground for disease. If you want to improve your health and find out what diet suits you we have an online consultation service available.

  you may also appreciate our   Natural Bath & Beauty Treatments for Glowing Skin ebook
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