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Cancer - it's a word not a sentence

  Today 1 in 2 people [1] are expected to develop cancer sometime in their life.  

In an ABC news item it was no surprise to read this:

Dr Joanne Aitken from Cancer Council Queensland says scientists are baffled by a recent change in childhood cancer rates.

Dr Aitken says if the cause of the increasing rate among girls was found it could solve other mysteries surrounding cancer across the board.

“Of course prevention is always the ultimate aim and unless we know what causes it we can't start to improve prevention. So it's something that we should be concentrating on in the next little while in terms of research.”

So the Cancer Council, established in 1984 but originating from an Anti-Cancer Campaign Committee formed in 1928, continues to admit it is baffled by the very thing it was formed to address.

Yet natural therapists have - for thousands of years - been aware of the causes of this condition, perhaps not the medical mechanics of its propogation, but have been very knowledgable about its prevention.


child with a condition diagnosed as cancer

When a major fundraising organisation publicly declares a policy of prevention while eschewing input and opinion from traditional sources a question arises about the agenda and ethics of such an organistaion.

However that pales into insignificance when someone we know and love is diagnosed with the a cancer condition - years of propaganda have convinced most folk that the primary source of care in this situation isthe medical or health-care system.

A system that is overstretched under-funded knows nothing about prevention and whose approach is one of unrelenting attack using “the knife”, deadly poisons (“chemotherapy”) or deadly radiation.

The “success” rate of one of these treatments (chemotherapy) has been described thus [2]:

This, of course, leads to a discussion of the cost implications of cytotoxic chemotherapy. Although this is a separate issue, we note that the cost of cytotoxic drugs provided by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme in Australia increased from $67M for the year ended 30 June 2000 to $101.3M for the year ended 30 June 2001 [110]. The 51% increase in total drug cost was due to a 17% increase in the number of prescriptions and a 29% increase in average prescription price.

In view of the minimal impact of cytotoxic chemotherapy on 5-year survival, and the lack of any major progress over the last 20 years, it follows that the main role of cytotoxic chemotherapy is in palliation. Although for many malignancies, symptom control may occur with cytotoxic chemotherapy, this is rarely reported and, for most patients, the survival in those who obtain a response is rarely beyond 12 months.

Here is another perspective [3] :

in spite of over $20 billion expenditures since the "War against Cancer" was launched by President Nixon in 1971, there has been little if any significant improvement in treatment and survival rates for most common cancers, in spite of contrary misleading hype by the cancer establishment - the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and American Cancer Society (ACS).

So let me summarise:
      • a professional system
      • established over 40 years ago
      • consuming increasingly vast amounts of money
      • to treat a condition they are baffled by
      • with little honest (unbiased) evidence of any success
      • continues to insist that they are the only authority in the area
      • while ridiculing traditional knowledge which is not baffled by the condition

And here's the essence of that traditional knowledge

You see the Human Body is it's own healer - something studiously ignored by the Health Care System and the Cancer Councils of the world. When it needs major healing, it is very useful to support the healing with natural substances - mainly from the pant kingdom. These add very little extra load to the system but often act like a catalyst to support, promote and amplify the body's own natural healing abilities.

Its not the plants that “cure” the cancer - its your own body helped by the special contents of different plants.

If you have cancer, your body can heal itself - with your support.

Let me then ask you the question:

If someone close to you is diagnosed with the condition - Who ya gonna call?

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    You may also find our Natural Cancer treatment and how to Eliminate the Causes ebook  helpful
      and our Can Cancer Remedy  is useful as well


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