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Papaya ~ Pawpaw cancer cure overview

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Papaya seed tea works wonders for stomach
problems because of its high natural papain

Papaya or Pawpaw cancer cure resurfaces

Carica papaya

Interest in the use of Pawpaw as a “cure” for cancerous conditions is increasing [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] . Stan's story is just one example.

We believe Pawpaw has been used for a wide variety of therapeutic purposes by a broad cross-section of indigenous populations for many centuries. However conventional medicine, true to form, considers evidence of this usage “anecdotal and inconclusive”. This is in contrast with typical chemotherapy anecdotes [7] , studies [8] [9] [10] and quotes [11] [12] [13] which generally show chemotherapy gives a much poorer performance than is widely known or admitted.

Our experience using Pawpaw therapeutically

Here in Australia the terms Paw Paw and Papaya are used interchangeably; when we speak about the Pawpaw or Papaya that we use for medicinal purposes, we are referring to Carica Papaya not the Paw Paw tree (Asimina) which is native to North America.

Our clients at our Middle Path clinic have noticed that Papaya taken as a tea or tincture works wonders on their bowel movements and have asked us if that is normal. Papaya detoxifies the system and what a better way to do so by cleansing the bowel - the body's main organ of elimination.

We have prescribed Papaya for digestive disorders and clients have reported the bonus of an effortless weight-loss due to more effective nutrient assimilation as well as improved digestive juices.

We have been recommending Papaya tea (or tincture where appropriate§) for obese and overweight people with our Journey to Slimness CD, instantly downloadable MP3 or e-book and the results have been outstanding.

Naturally Paw Paw features in our Take Stress Anxiety and Worry out of having Cancer ebook.

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 overview health uses herb actions constituents medicine tea tincture history cultivation Stan’s tale  

  related product:   Natural Cancer treatment and how to Eliminate the Causes ebook


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Pawpaw/Papaya Tea and Tincture Supplement details: (for the search engines )
Also known as: carica papaya, pawpaw, digestive aid, tonic, cancer cell eliminator
Description: Natural Herbal Preparation gaining increasing popularity for cancer treatment helps with digestion, obesity, cancer, worms, parasites, allergies, liver, colitis, gum ailments
Modality/s: Naturopathy, Herbalism
Discipline/s: Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutritionist, Dietitian
Official Body: European Herbal & Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association, American Naturopathic Medical Association
Contraindication: none known
Conditions treated: digestive disorders, cancer, pyorrhea, gum ailments, allergies, tumors, parasites, obesity, liver
Main ingredient/s: papaya
What form it takes : Tea or Tincture
Is "Pawpaw/Papaya Tea and Tincture" a proprietary Name? no
How it is taken: Tea or Tincture
Manufacturer: Middle Path Natural Health
Maximum Dosage: 3 cups of tea or 4.5ml of tincture per day
How it works: digestive aid, cancer cell eliminator, tonic, weight loss aid
Supplement category: tonic, digestion booster, cell regulator, weight management
Maximum recommended intake: 3 cups of tea or 4.5ml of tincture per day
Safety Consideration/s: none known
Target population: adults