Please note:    Office is unattended at present; all orders will be dispatched and emails responded to promptly on Monday, 23rd April.  

     Please note     

Middle Path office is unattended at present, we will not be able to respond to your enquiry until we return.

You are still very welcome to make an enquiry so long as you understand that you will not receive a response until after April 23rd.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you,

Trijntje & Fergus Reilly

Enquire about using a particular Medicine - tea or tincture

This form is for you to make an enquiry about using one (or more) of our herbal medicines (both teas and tinctures). It is a free service we provide to ensure that you can be confident that using our medicines in your Health Care Management will not cause you any problems.

Please fill in the form details and submit it, you will receive a reference which you can use for future communications.

Middle Path Medicine Enquiry

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What herbal medicine/s are you considering using:
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What (if any) conditions are you experiencing:

What (if any) drugs are you taking:

For a more in-depth consultation regarding your health care you can:

  • an online consultation
  • a clinic appointment

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