Supplements - which are the best?

Are pills really necessary or is there a better way to nurture yourself for peak performance?

Many clients come to us with a nutritional regime created by another health professional which we find alarming.

Not because there is anything dangerous in what they are taking but because we believe they could achieve so much more with so much less.

Generally, after only a few days, these clients invariably confirm that our recommended regime has produced the results they wanted while typically saving them hundreds of dollars each month.

Are pills really necessary or is there a better way?

Some background

Our approach is based on using live nutrition and using plants which demonstrate the particular features which we feel are lacking in the client’s life.

That isn't so different from other approaches - most nutritional consultants will look for vitamins and minerals which are below recommended levels and prescribe supplements so as to restore the “proper levels” of the nutrients.

Can health care really be as complex as the bureaucrats would have us believe?

Is health care really this complex? A US approach.


I regard that as a technological or mechanistic approach which is based on examining the physical parameters and adding and adjusting physical components to produce a physically perfect performance.

It works well - for machines - humans are not machines however and there are a host of other performance-influencing factors which are not addressed by this approach.

We humans are not machines and the single most important factor governing our performance is something we call “life-force” - it is called many things in many cultures[1] - chi, Qi, life energy, prana, mana, lüng, vital energy, spirit to name a few.

You will probably recognise that when “the force is with you” life works and when its not, it doesn't. And it is not exclusively controlled by the vitamin and mineral levels as determined by analysing your hair.

the Doctrine of Behavioural Demonstration


Can you see a a relationship?

Back around 50AD there was a philosophical approach to determining suitable medical treatment called the “Doctrine of signatures”[2][3][4] which states that “herbs that resemble various parts of the body can be used to treat ailments of that part of the body”.

We have a slightly different take - we might call it our “Doctrine of Behavioural Demonstration” which goes something like “herbs that demonstrate particular behaviour can be used to treat such needs in humans”.

How we use it

We look at plants and herbs and how they behave - what they do in the wild - and make an interpretation in human terms of what they are good at. That is what has led us to take such a reverential interest in the weeds around us.

A common principal priority when clients come to consult would be “get well” - it may be described in different terms such as “overcome cancer”, “get rid of diabetes”, “fix my heart problem”, “regain my vitality”, “be interested in life”, “have a libido”.......

We have discovered herbs we use to treat such conditions naturopathically often display behaviour which is an energetic demonstration of the opposite of the condition.

Cobblers Pegs


Let me give you an example: take Cobbler's Pegs[5] - an unpopular weed which has barbed seeds which are a challenge to avoid and which are amongst the most tenacious we have found.

We see it as a soil chemistry healer - it only grows where the soil has become chemically unbalanced and it acts to restore the balance. When the soil chemistry is right the seeds simply don't germinate. What causes such chemical imbalance? Chemical fertilizing and herbicide spraying would be the 2 most common activities.

If you consider the vast array of human ills this plant has been used to treat around the world the connection between plant behaviour and therapeutic uses seems clear. They fix body chemistry in the environment - planetary and human.

It is also very efficient at getting animals to distribute its seeds as this picture shows.

But really, these days, its becoming a question of “survival” for humanity

I'm not trying to be “alarmist” - although there is a case that “alarmed” is precisely what humans need to be these days - I am merely stating the obvious that - if you want to survive - you need to get some “survival energy” into you and the way we do it is to use herbs which are demonstrably survival overachievers - you probably know them as “weeds”.

These plants thrive on neglect, in toxic environments, under extreme conditions and persist despite mankinds genocidal approach to them.

All qualities which we feel are vital to your health survival in today's world.


Want to feel vital - eat vital!

But wait - there's more

You might think that supplements work by restoring vitamin and mineral levels and that is enough to restore vitality - we disagree - our approach is that to restore vitality you also need to take vital supplements - in other words fresh fruit, nuts and vegetables.

What we mean is that if you need to supplement your life force, you need to take supplements that themselves have a potent life force.

Modern supplement manufacture[6][7][7][7][8][9][10] does not preserve the vital life force of the ingredients - assuming they had any in the first place. The stringent regulations governing therapeutic goods production ensure that any life force is destroyed well before they get to you.

That is why we prefer to use dried herbs as teas or infusions as our principle approach to supplementation - drying herbs does not eliminate the vital energy of the plant and so it is the best way we can provide this to people who aren't able or willing to source the live plants themselves.

Which plants do we use?

Here is a list of some of the plants we use in our kitchen and clinic which are commonly called weeds and which you can order from our webshop:


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