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Bug Buster Remedy

Potent, Professional Grade Natural Antibiotic, Antifungal, Antiviral Formulation

  Bug Buster Remedy 50ml  
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Specifically formulated to help you overcome infections of all kinds


Our Bug Buster Remedy would have to be one of the world's greatest antibiotic solutions. It works when other pharmaceutical antibiotics have failed.

A potent broad-spectrum antibiotic our Bug Buster Remedy is a potent healer which far surpasses any medical antibiotic in speed and effectiveness.

We have found clients going from one course of pharmaceutical antibiotics to another, they had achieved no positive results with their healing until they used our Bug Buster Remedy.

Taking our Bug Buster Remedy as directed has cleaned up the most nasty skin, urinary tract, respiratory, fungal, bacterial infections and virus's that I have seen which not one of the pharmaceutical antibiotics could clear up.

Our Bug Buster Remedy will detox your blood stream, kill bacteria, parasites and virus's, boost your immune system to help it recover naturally and give your body the nutrients it needs to recover.

Medical Doctors say that pharmaceutical antibiotics will not kill virus's causing colds, flu, coughs, pneumonia, bronchitis or sore throats and yet our Bug Buster Remedy does.

Our Bug Buster is a must-have in your medical chest

There are huge concerns world-wide that the pharmaceutical antibiotics just do not work any more, in the US at least 23,000 Americans die each year as a direct result of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, with many more dying from complications[1].

The World Health Organisation's (WHO) experts are saying antibiotic resistance now poses a serious threat to global health[2]. Their first worldwide report into antimicrobial resistance has found the problem is no longer just a serious prediction for the future, but is happening right now[3].

The report[4] says as well as super bugs and staph in hospitals, everyday infections such as pneumonia and urinary tract infections are becoming harder to treat. In some parts of Australia, 80 per cent of staph infections cannot be treated with standard antibiotics[5]. The bugs have become resistant to the entire array of pharmaceutical drugs.

The report makes a clear case that resistance to common bacteria has reached alarming levels in many parts of the world, indicating that several of the available treatment options for common infections are becoming ineffective.

Antibiotic or antimicrobial resistance occurs when micro-organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites change in ways that render the medications used to cure the infections they cause ineffective. When the micro-organisms become resistant to most antimicrobials, they are often referred to as super bugs.

In the millenia that natural antibiotic herbs have been used throughout human societies, no resistance has developed. It is only the artificial, synthetic drugs which are proving ineffective against the bacteria who adapt.

It in increasingly obvious that natural antibiotic preparations are going to continue to provide protection as the pharmaceuticals fail.

  Bug Buster Remedy 50ml 50ml for AUD$50.00 postage extra Quantity: add to cart

  Remedy how it works for you people’s experiences  

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