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Cod Liver Oil
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We had a situation come up a while ago were I urgently had to buy Cod Liver Oil so I went to the local Supermarket to get some as I usually did and there wasn’t any on the shelves. I was told that they no longer carried it as they did not sell enough of it and that there was not enough profit in it for them. As I have always used the tried and true Faulding’s brand and needed it urgently I went everywhere looking for it and it was nowhere to be seen. Eventually I found another brand at a chemist off the range.

I was flabbergasted as this product has always been available for young and old alike easily at any supermarket. When I got home and told Fergus my husband he checked out Faulding’s on the Internet and found out they have been bought out by Mayne’s Pharmaceutical Company who had discontinued production. Our local health food store now has Melrose brand Cod Liver Oil available so at least we can get it in town.

After giving the person I was treating (who was extremely ill) a dose of 1 tablespoon of Cod Liver Oil he started to recover overnight.

Cod Liver Oil is one of the most effective treatments that I use. It is a miraculous life-saving old time remedy that doesn’t ever seem to fail to give the immune system a good kick start. Whenever we have an inkling of becoming ill we immediately swallow a tablespoon of Cod Liver oil and whatever is ailing us soon disappears.

I used to suffer from Pleurisy many years ago, when I would get run down or was in damp conditions working and planting late into the night. I would be so bad that the pain would be with me for weeks. Then I started taking Cod Liver Oil at the first sign of it and it was gone within hours. Over many years I have seen the wonderful benefits of Cod Liver Oil in my own life as well as recommending it to my clients for many ailments

The list of ailments that Cod Liver oil is good for is too long to mention however, arthritis, heart disease, healthy bones and nervous system as well as osteoporosis, cancer, obesity, hypertension, depression, insulin resistance, adult onset diabetes and stroke, irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn's disease, skin ailments, asthma, pleurisy, nervous disorders, wrinkles and glaucoma. It lowers blood pressure and is good for emotional balance, bloat, memory, vision, teeth and childhood leukemia as well as lowers cholesterol. These ailments plus many more are greatly benefited by the miraculous use of Cod Liver Oil.

  Cod Liver Oil - guaranteed natural lable

Cod Liver Oil has been safely used to protect children from poor immune system performance for generations  

Children and adults who were always getting sick took Cod Liver Oil and just didn’t get sick anymore. I treated one small child who was always sickly and I told his mother to put him on 1 teaspoon of Cod Liver Oil daily and 10 years later I saw the mother and she said the child was not ever sick again.

Our grandparents and parents all knew about Cod Liver Oil and its wonderful virtues and healing properties. It was a ritual for many a child to be given this wonderful golden oil.

In Europe Cod Liver Oil is the number one health product purchased. It is well known for boosting the immune system and helps in all types of ailments.

I recommend taking one teaspoon of Cod Liver Oil per day and if something out of the ordinary health wise comes your way take a tablespoon straight away and whilst ill take one tablespoon 2 times per day for adults and 1 teaspoon 2 times per day for children.

A lot of people complain about the taste but it only takes 3 days to get used to taking it. We have an orange or some juice straight after and it has never been a problem. Most children love Cod Liver Oil. You can put it in juice and some people who get burping afterwards can add cod liver oil to juice and add 1/4 teaspoon of bi-carbonate of soda and the burping will not happen.

Throughout the years I have found that Cod Liver Oil is much more effective than taking the capsules. Perhaps the oil becomes rancid in the capsules, regardless the straight oil works much better.

Cod Liver Oil contains large amounts of elongated omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A and the sunlight vitamin D. These essential nutrients are hard to obtain in sufficient quantities in our modern day diet. It also contains small amounts of Vitamin K important for blood and bones.

One tablespoon (about 15 grams) provides well over the recommended daily allowance of Vitamin A and D. Cod liver oil contains more vitamin A and more vitamin D per unit weight than any other common food.

In Britain and the USA it is recommended not to give Vitamin A to pregnant woman however the tests apparently made were on synthetic vitamin A.

The conclusion is that a dosage over 30,000 IU vitamin A daily may be teratogenic for a certain few. The value of 30,000 IU would equal the amount of vitamin A found in 12 teaspoons or 4 tablespoons, more than anyone would ever take. I would recommend 1 teaspoon per day of Cod Liver Oil which is safe for pregnancy.

The wisdom handed down by our ancestors to take Cod Liver Oil daily may well be one of the most valuable things you can do to maintain good vibrant health.

Mercury is water soluble and may be present in the flesh of fish, but it is not present in the oil as testing shows according to protocols of the Association of Analytical Communities (AOAC).


Bottles of Cod Liver Oil

We are concerned that gradually many of these wonderful products are being taken off the market. We do encourage you to become familiar and aware of other sources of Vitamin A and natural nutrients in the plant kingdom that grows wild around you. You can learn more about the edible weeds that grow around you in our plant section.

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