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Why our audiobooks are worth your investment

what you can expect when you buy one of our audiobooks

These days your health and wellbeing are increasingly dependent on your ability to take care of yourself.

That can be a real challenge if you don't know how and that's why our audiobooks are so valuable - they can save you thousands of dollars, in some cases maybe your life itself!.

Our audiobooks are

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certificate we have been granted
some of our degrees and certificates

Professional: we are trained, qualified and experienced Health Professionals.

We have a combined experience of over 50 years in natural medicine and therapies and we do know what we are talking about.

The foundation of our audiobooks is practical experience, professional research and clinical verification or investigation of the material.

You could accurately say it is evidence-based medicine and nutrition.

There is a lot of material we have looked at, tried out and discarded - often with a rueful smile and a never again! conclusion. We do not include such stuff except, occasionally, as a warning in the nature of “we tried this and it is not something we would recommend”.

Comprehensive: we include all the material we deem relevant

weighing it upOur main agenda when creating our audiobookss is to ensure all useful and pertinent information is included in an easy-to-understand way. We believe everyone is unique and have done our best not to prejudge the interest, condition or ability of any of our listenerss.

We are also committed to providing useful and useable material.

In other words, we have used these criteria to decide what we include:-

  • is it useful? - will it help you care for yourself better?
  • is it usable? - is it practical; can it be incorporated into a lifestyle without major expense, effort, learning or investment?
  • is it valid? - have we witnessed practical evidence of it achieving what we say it will?
  • is it applicable? - does it have a direct bearing on the topic of the audiobook?
  • is it natural? - does it work in harmony with Nature?

Compact: we don't include irrelevant stuff.

compressing knowledge into compact ebooks

We don't have a lot of spare time to waffle on or pad these audiobooks out or bulk them up.

What is in them is all the material which passed our selection criteria and not much else at all.

You don't need to wade through a bunch of (largely) irrelevant waffle to find the meat of the matter - its starts right in the first section and finishes at the end of the last section.

Simple: plain english, common sense, easily understood
to help you cut through the maze of options and choices.


our audiobooks help you cut through complexities

We do understand that not everyone has a comprehensive knowledge of natural health - most people have had very little exposure to some of the fundamental insights about what affects health.

If we are, for instance, referring to a plant, we use it's common name rather than the botanical latin nomenclature so that our listeners can relate to the information.

If we are recommending a dietary supplement - it will generally be something you can buy at a supermarket or health food store rather than a product you need to spend time and effort tracking down.

If we are recommending an activity it will be something you can do without expensive equipment.

In other words what we present is material you can use without having to invest more time and effort before you can start getting the benefits.

easy to use when out and about


Easy-to-use: they are designed to be works of reference not just a fascinating one-off listen

The reason is that they are essentially reference works for people, like you, who want to feel better, do it naturally and do it themselves.

Sure, they are usually fascinating listening, they are also designed to be a lasting source of invaluable information.

And of course they are perfect for your MP3 player, iPod or whatever device you use to play your music.

Practical Nature-based: you are a natural human being - nature does know what's best for you

natural foodstuffs - nutritional and no side-effects

Much of the information we include has been being used throughout recorded history - its one of the criteria we respect a lot.

After all if a technique or a herb has been in use for thousands of years it really is something that gets the job done.

And that is what is a fundamental requirement for the material we present - its been tried, tested and found effective by many people - ourselves and our clients included.

And that means it needs to be something that doesn't rely on the latest technology or “scientific breakthrough” which often have unpleasant side-effects or consequences.

Our stuff works, works well, surely and safely (if you follow the instructions and don't overdo it of course).


a little expense now - saves you a lot of money later


Last but not least for most of us - the money factor.

We've seen audiobooks for $1 in our travels, when we've succumbed to the temptation we invariably find that it was a fair price for what we got.

The information in our ebooks can save you thousands of dollars in a variety of ways - medical expenses, debilitating operations, wasted time and effort, sojourns at expensive “health resorts”, cupboards full of high-price supplements, periods of illness and sickness - not to mention peace of mind.

For us it is most often apparent when clients exclaim that they have learnt more in one day at Middle Path - through conversation and listening to one of our audiobooks than they have in a month at an expensive health resort.

And each of our audiobooks contain a lot more material than you would be likely to glean in just a few hours at Middle Path.

MP3 audiobooks available:

Journey to Slimness audiobook

Journey to Slimness audiobook MP3s   read more .....

63MB ZIP file for AU$20.00 ready for immediate download


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Meditation and Beyond audiobook

Simple, safe and Natural guidance in an audiobook to teach you to meditate in a way that suits you and your lifestyle.   read more .....

58MB ZIP file for AU$20.00 ready for immediate download


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Secrets to Living a Quality Life audiobook

Simple, safe and Natural guidance in an MP3 track to motivate you to achieve an optimum Quality in your life   read more .....

70MB ZIP file for AU$20.00 ready for immediate download


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