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Meditation & Beyond

Inner Peace and Freedom from Stress
ebook, audiobook & CD
on Life Empowerment through Meditation

There are many meditation techniques and they will achieve many results

Some still the mind instantly, others observe the mind's chatter, some help you hear your own inner sounds, sights and tastes

all will teach you about Mindfulness

which is what will put you back in control of your life
  Natural Health Education - Meditation & Beyond - CD, ebook & audiobook formats
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Learning to meditate will help you

Meditation & Beyond will teach you skills
you can use anywhere to achieve your goals

  • Gain clarity
  • Be Confident
  • Remain Healthy
  • Learn Detachment
  • Empower Your Life
  • Live with Mindfulness
  • Manage stress effectively
  • Become Vibrantly Healthy
  • Remain calm amidst chaos
  • Experience Enlightenment
  • Manufacture Healthy Cells
  • Have control of your priorities
  • Regain perspective on your life
  • Learn how to “go with the flow
  • Develop the skill of centering yourself
  • Connect with your Higher Intelligence
  • Have more serotonin - the “feelgood” hormone
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We have included a comprehensive range of techniques, whether you are just beginning or are an advanced meditator.

No longer is Meditation just for the monk in the cave it is used by people in all walks of life everywhere.

Especially people living and working with demanding pressures - time, emotional, mental, physical - who need the skills that Meditation gives them to maintain successful performance levels.

Meditation & Beyond - Natural Health Education on managing stress effectively  

Meditation & Beyond has received much praise for its simple and straightforward introduction to meditating for those who are new to it and want to acquire mindfulness.

A lot of people think meditating effectively means you MUST be able to still, or at least quieten, your mind's endless chatter immediately.

We don't; we encourage you to understand that observation is more important than stillness when you are beginning.

Meditation & Beyond will teach you to experience mindfulness

which, in turn, will show you how to relax your body

and then calm your emotions

and then still your mind.

Changing Your Headspace - creating subconscious motivation to meditate

ANU CDs give you the missing link to success The Missing Link   The Missing Link to Inner Peace: attitude

The key ingredient to developing an inner calm is a supportive attitude - without this you will simply not be motivated to succeed. Meditation & Beyond contains a unique and powerful track that will take you into a state of profound stillness where you will change your attitude and motivate yourself to meditate.

We call it the “missing link” - a unique and powerful subconscious mind-retraining "guided relaxation".

You will need to set aside 20 minutes of your day to do nothing other than relax whilst listening to this track.

These sessions are separate from your meditation sessions; they instill the ability to relax easily, let go of your stress and foster a positive attitude towards yourself and your life.

Research on meditation proves that even 20 minutes per day doing any repetitive mental activity that calms the mind's busy chatter will produce a physiological shift which reduces the harmful consequences of stress.

Meditation & Beyond is available as:

mailed to you CDAn audio CD

MP3saudiobook (MP3 tracks)

MP3sRelaxation guide and track MP3s

PDFebook - PDF format

  Natural Health Education series can strengthen learning by coordinating audio and visual inputs through ebooks, MP3s & CDs

You can listen to the Meditation & Beyond MP3s anywhere

  1. Introduction
  2. Instructions
  3. Benefits
  4. Emotions
  5. About Meditation
  6. Meditation Introduction
  7. Breath Technique
  8. Trance Technique
  9. Scan Technique
  10. Inner Smile Technique
  11. Nectar Technique
  12. Inner Light Meditation
  13. Sound Technique
  14. Combination Technique
  15. Relaxation Guide (relaxtrax 1)
  16. Guided Relaxation (relaxtrax 2)

Download your Meditation and Beyond now:
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721KB PDF file AUD$20.00
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1 CD for AUD$30.00
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58MB for ZIP file AUD$20.00
relaxation track
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20MB for MP3 file AUD$20.00

Are you ready to master your stress?

When you meditate regularly you will

  • experience a deep inner peace
  • strengthen your immune system
  • improve your health
  • balance your life and whole being
  • increase your awareness and alertness
  • eliminate stress and depression
all of these will reduce your stress levels - added together they will astonish you with the peace and calm you feel - even when confronted with chaos
  You can listen to the MP3 tracks anywhere

You will become more aware of your thoughts and develop the skill to choose positive thoughts consciously.

This will enable you to make more aware choices about your life and its direction.

You will gain increased control over your mind and your emotions.

Meditating will manifest change in your life. Your intuition and creativity will develop and your emotions will become balanced.

Meditation increases serotonin production which is an important neurotransmitter and neuropeptide which supports positive moods and behaviour, decreased levels of these chemicals are found in people experiencing depression.

Money cannot buy inner peace and happiness, these come from within you. Developing the ability to be at peace, no matter what your outer circumstances, is the most valuable gift you can give yourself.

CD contents.

You will only have to listen to tracks 1 to 15 until they become familiar to you. Incorporate one or more of the Meditation Techniques (tracks 7-14) into your life on a daily basis. You only need to regularly practice one meditation technique to achieve the benefits. We recommend that you choose the technique which you find most appealing.

You will need to listen to track 16 daily for at least 30 days and whenever you feel like it thereafter. This guided relaxation will motivate, empower and relax you. It will actively support you in making positive changes in your life as well as your attitude towards yourself and people around you.

Background and information tracks

  • Introduction (2:10) A welcome message and introduction to the CD and Meditation.
  • Instruction (1:10) How to get the most out of your Meditation & Beyond CD.
  • Benefits (1:50) Positive changes you will experience by Meditating.
  • Emotions (5:10) How your emotions and moods can contribute to your lack of joy and peace.
  • About Meditation (7:13) Insights into Meditation and how it can affect your life
  • Introduction to Meditation (2:30) Describes things you can do to enhance your Meditation experience and achieve greater benefits and more powerful results.

Meditation Techniques

  • Breath Technique (2:05) Centres your mind, gives you awareness of your life force and new perceptions of reality.
  • Trance Technique (2:10) Keeps your emotions balanced, brings your talents like healing, writing, art, music or any other gift you may have to the surface.
  • The Scan Technique (2:25) Learn detachment and awareness and become an observer to your life.
  • The Inner Smile Technique (3:50) This powerful fountain of youth rejuvenation technique creates vitality and independence from the outside world for your happiness.
  • The Nectar Technique (3:27) Aids longevity and the immune system, prevents infections and disease. You can taste the sweet subtle nectar known as the elixir of life.
  • Inner Light Meditation (3:18) An ancient acupressure technique that channels vital energy and inner light.
  • The Sound Technique (1:35) Makes you aware of inner and external sounds, melodies and harmonies.
  • The Combination Technique (1:46) A combination of techniques that you can experience doing together.

Support tracks to motivate and inspire

  • Guided Relaxation Guide (3:00) An explanation on how relaxation and subconscious programming works and the effects it will have on you.
  • Guided Relaxation (18:15) The key to the CD - intended for daily use to motivate and retrain your mind and helps you to relax and change your subconscious patterns which have previously discouraged you from having a quality life


Trijntje after meditating


Having successfully treated many individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, stress and fatigue over the years I felt stress-induced illness was becoming pandemic in our society.

Many stress-created conditions have their roots in the mind - attitudes, fears, beliefs and phobias can all contribute to anxiety and inner tensions which will not respond to anti-depressants. Stress is not a difficult thing to deal with, and is a beneficial aspect of life when it is under control. Meditation is the best way I know to develop the ability to control one's stress levels.

I have condensed what I have learnt, over many years, balancing the body, mind and spirit to achieve a healthy result. I found this information was the missing link that helped so many of my clients change their lives permanently and positively.

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