Client's feedback following colonic irrigation

Here are some common comments my clients have said to me which reflect directly on the benefits they attribute to their colonic irrigation treatments:
  • I feel so light and clear
  • My bowel feels no longer heavily bloated
  • Since my Colonics I have lost weight
  • My energy and clarity amazes me
  • I can think clearly again
  • My eyesight has improved and so has my health
  • My depression and mood swings are gone
  • It feels so good to let go of old toxins
  • I have not just released physically but emotionally as well
  • I understand now why people come back for more Colonics I feel so great.
  • I am so glad I came, I feel so much better and it wasn't the drama I had imagined.
  • Having Colonics has given me a kick-start to my new way of life.
  • I feel so great that I have no desire to put anything but wholesome foods into my mouth.
  • My skin has cleared up quickly
  • The Tumours I have are much smaller
  • Since the bowel pockets have been cleared so has my Diverticulitis
  • My digestion and food assimilation is back to normal now
  • I have had no more Appendicitis attacks since I had the Colonics
  • My Tonsillitis has cleared up
  • I no longer experience Constipation
  • The terrible gas I was experiencing has gone, I feel really vital.
If you want to read more details about people's experiences at our clinic, the Client’s Testimonials page has a lot more information for you.> Middle Path> Clinic Services> Natural Health Education and Support
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