Clients’ Testimonials

Testimonials from clients who have been to my clinic for treatment

To respect my clients privacy I have disincluded their names.

thumbs ups from our clients


Thank you so much for all your detailed info ... will take advice and I am feeling the best I have in decades after the One Day Detox thank you once again....


I'm very happy to say that I'm doing well and have not taken any prescription medication since you helped me over 2 years ago. I've now become a certified Health Practitioner and Teacher and am starting to make soap for my husband and I. I really love doing both. Thank you so much for your help and kindness. You are an incredible part of my journey. Thank you also for all that you do for others and the world. You're light is vividly bright and shines in so many ways. Everything is Divinely orchestrated and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate what you and Fergus do.

I wanted to let you know how thankful I am for your help. I had been on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medicine for 24 years. In the few months before coming to you, I was on a total of 7 different prescription medications (4 of those were for anxiety and depression). Thanks to your Blues Buster, other natural remedies, and following the healthy eating regime you gave me; I now only need to take a kelp tablet once a day for my thyroid. I'm so very grateful for your knowledge and expertise. I had begun to think that I would be on all that medication, plus some, for the rest of my life. Now I am finally losing weight, feeling happy, and have the tools I need to live a healthy life without having to put all those toxins in my body. I can't thank you enough. You have helped to change my life for the best. Thank you and many blessings!

I just wanted to pass along a very big thank you for your help when my daughter had whooping cough as your recommended medicines and tinctures helped her recover really quickly.
My husband (who spent most of the last year very unwell) has improved a great deal and I am putting that down to your Nasturtium tincture, obviously it was something his body needed to get him back into action. Along with the cod liver oil! My mother has suffered from high blood pressure for many years now and finally, we have found something for her which is natural and works well - a tincture from Middle Path. Thank you so much Trijntje, you are a miracle. I have really enjoyed speaking to you too - I always come away feeling so much happier. Blessings to you and your family.
Trijntje, you have helped me and my family out so much by providing us with tinctures and first class herbs at this very important time when we all seem to be unwell, I am going through what is the toughest time of my life with regard to my health and you have been a blessing.
Just wanted to let you know there has been a huge difference since my detox. So good not to have to rush to the toilet so often. Back to regular motions after such a long time. New eating regime going well. Also taking supplements and your herbs as was suggested, and feel I haven’t looked back. My sincere thanks for all you have done.

Thanks for all your love and care and support, you are an amazing Light in the world and I feel blessed and privileged to have spent time with you.

Thank you so much for helping me with my fatigue, I have been searching for a long time for help and I feel so fortunate you were recommended to me.

I just want to let you know Trijntje that I have not felt so cared for in a long, long time whilst doing your one day detox.

Many thanks and I feel energized and great.

Thank you Trijntje- my parents speak very highly of you. Thank you so much for helping take care of them.

Thank-you so much for your presence yesterday and the Rebirthing session, you were truly a blessing.

All who come to you are truly fortunate to experience the benefit of your beautiful heart.

I’m feeling so much better since the detox day with you and I so enjoyed spending all that wonderful time with you learning all about your world.
Thank-you so much for your presence yesterday and the Rebirthing session, you were truly a blessing.

All who come to you are truly fortunate to experience the benefit of your beautiful heart.
I love you, I love you, I love you!! You have helped restore my sanity, greatly reduce my sweats and given me back my life. Wow... the tea is great! I'll be recommending it.

I must tell you that after I left your lovely property yesterday, I was still feeling quite nauseous and this killer headache had returned. I drove as far as Gympie then had to pull over the car as I was violently sick again, however after this final vomit I felt AMAZING!!

I arrived home made a delicious healthy dinner as per your advice and then went to bed.

I weighed myself before bed and I had lost 2 kgs from the treatments (I guess this is normal??) then weighed myself in the morning and had lost another Kilo. Let me tell you it has been a long time since the scales read a different figure. So this has given me more motivation to be conscious of my eating habits and to continue on with the journey.

I feel amazing, I have total clarity of the mind and feel totally energized, there is definitely an increase in sex drive too...... nice surprise.

Thank you again for all of your advice, time, care and gifts.

I am writing to you because I am happy to say I have taken all your advice. Although our meeting was short, our encounter has had a profound effect on the way I live my life and my being as a whole, mentally and physically. I am still now living a clean and healthy lifestyle. And I have been accepted to study Natropathy through AIAS which I am very excited to start next month.

I want to say thank you for everything. You are a wonderful inspiration.

I have been using a herbal tincture created by Trijntje to support my nervous system and manage anxiety levels for 2 years now. This is the most gentle, non-addictive and healing method I have found of supporting myself and my very very sensitive nervous system.

If only I had have known about this option in my late 20’s when doctors were prescribing me addictive medications and I ultimately ended up with an anxiety disorder – despite them.

With these wonderful herbal tinctures, combined with a healthy lifestyle, meditation & yoga I feel balanced and strong (despite many big life changing events occurring in my life & a busy workload)!

Thank you Trijntje for your amazing support!

We really had a wonderful experience during the short retreat.

It was good to know you and your partner. We are privileged to know genuine practitioners like you who have a passion for service that goes beyond money.

I just want to say a big thankyou for the amazing results I have had from taking your herbal medicine.

When I arrived back from Thailand I was still suffering from the effects of dengue fever with no energy and feeling very low.

Within 3 days of taking your herbal mix I was back up to 80% energy levels and by the end of the week I was feeling great :-) Thanks again!

I am not hungry for carbs or sugary things. I have lost almost 2 kgs. I find I just don’t feel hungry most of the time. I am dressing nicer and when hubby sees me his eyes light up and he tells me how beautiful I look. I am feeling better in my emotions too a lot more stable and calmer. I even feel a bit of a sex drive stirring in the loins today. That’s a first for years.

Thank you so much for your wonderful work you did for me, I am truly Grateful. You are amazing!

Thank you for your services. You have been very helpful in providing the best services for my health issues. I am very happy for all the generous advices you provided. I had consulted many healers before you, but none of them are as generous, kind, and compassionate, or even accurate to the point as you are. Many of them charged a hugh fee for the reading and were always fishing out info from me before the reading,whereas you ask no questions or even talk to me, all you need was my name,and the reading was confidentally email to me accurately. Amazing! Now I am following the instructions you advised and wait for my health to improve. Another thing I like to let you know, for the last two nights, I had been sleeping soundly without interruptions from my hotflashes in the middle of the night. I used to get up a dozen times nightly because of the heat. I thought it must be the healings you sent me. What else can it be. Thank U, thank U,thank U. God bless you for being an angel!in my path to regain my health back.

I had told you we were going to try and have children and weren't sure how'd we go with my history of treatment, so as part of your service you suggested I take black cohash tincture and sent me away with two bottles, telling me there's a baby in every bottle. Not to mention a clean system and sparkling eyes which everyone commented on when we arrived home a few days later.

We started trying for children in August the same year.

I started taking the Black Cohash only 2 weeks before we started trying.... Low and behold we fell pregnant the very first month we tried, 9 months later we had a healthy baby boy. He's now almost 14 months old. I attribute the Black Cohash with our quick result, most the other mums from our mothers group much younger than I had been trying for months before they fell pregnant. So thank you so much for your wise advice.

I really appreciate your love and service, and all the research you do that keeps me on track. Thank You for being an exquisite human being. I always feel blessed when I leave your place.

My heart is full of joy and gratitude for your care and generosity!

I'm pleased to report that after your treatment I'm feeling amazing, everything works perfectly and I follow your instructions noticing a very positive difference. There is still work to do and I look forward to it, particularly with your wonderful ebooks as guidance and help.

My kinesiologist was so impressed by the results of your treatment and my exciting reports.

The herbs you gave me were planted immediately and are feeling very comfortable in my yard, many thanks for those too dear Trijntje!

I am so glad I undertook your one day detox program. It is day 5 after my detox and I have been undertaking the regime you gave me and am feeling fantastic.

I am more in tune with my body than before and recognising what feels good for me. I have more energy and can see a real improvement in my overall wellbeing.

Thank-you for your help and ongoing commitment to my health.

  I cannot thank-you enough. I was skeptical that anything would work but came as a last resort. To think I had been diagnosed as having Chronic Fatigue for over 4 years and with the change in the diet you gave me within 3 days my energy was back. I still can’t believe it was so simple.

I am forever grateful words cannot say. I am alive again and the depression is gone as well.

  Thank you so much for yesterday, wow, what an experience and I am so glad you were the person to help me. I have clarity, even more energy, a light feeling and my stomach is pain free for the first time in 10 years, I will definitely be keeping it that way.

You gave me a gift yesterday too and my mind now see’s the poisoning in a totally different light.

You have changed my life.

I need to give the you biggest hug when I next see you. I feel so much better inside and out. In fact I can't remember my bowels being so normal, thank you so so much

I had a wonderful day on Monday. You have such a beautiful energy that made me feel so relaxed and helped me to open up to you about my health. Your passion and love for your work really came across and you have inspired me even more, so for that I thank you very much.

You have such a beautiful property, its amazing. Spending time at one with nature between the colonic irrigations was beautiful. I feel much lighter energy-wise now, and I seem to have more get up and go!

Thank you so much again, and may you long continue to inspire others and lead them down the road to a greater holistic way of living and into a state of balance.

  A quick update after my 3 colonics.....WOW...awesome...I feel wonderfull and still slimming down, very fit, and going to the loo naturally every day no worries, everything in full working order after the clean out....praise be !!!!! Im eating a lot less food also, as now im absorbing all my nutrients again, I am such an advocate of your work !!! finally all happened for me !

  Thank you so much for your caring yesterday. I am feeling a lot better, yet still feeling very fragile and resting most of the time. You are a very gifted and beautiful person and I hope our paths cross often. Thank you for the recipe ebooks I will use them. 

Your beautiful energy is still with’s like warm liquid gold......mmmmmmm! I got more information from you in one day than I did spending 3 weeks at ................ retreat. Many many Thanks

  Thanks so much for your time yesterday and providing such an enlightened insight into most facets of health and lifestyle. We all love you and appreciate your zest for life.

Thank you so much for your email, with the wonderful ebook recipes.  I am focused on keeping up with the organic foods and lifestyle to the best that I can. I’ve gone out and brought a board for our VISION Board and am starting to get it organized in the next couple of days, very exciting.  (You inspired me so!)   You have impacted so positively to my life, I was only talking about my experience with you with someone earlier today Thank you for a wonderful experience.  You are amazing.

Health wise the weight has been falling of me with so many people noticing and commenting. A great compliment to be given. I have lost about 4 kg and the cough has gone, I have noticed such a difference without the dairy. On a high I have not encountered the sudden coughing fits that I use to break into. I’m glad to see the end of them. My body is working so well since the cleansing. Your advice was greatly appreciated!

  I just wanted to say thank you for the experience I had with you on Friday.  I feel a lot better after my one day detox.  I have been able to happily put a few more things in place health wise which is always easier when you are feeling better.  I went for a walk on the beach this morning while my husband was surfing ( I haven’t done that for ages).  Thank you also for sharing your knowledge with me it has reminded me of my love of nature and herbs and given me confidence in following my own path. Words at the moment don’t really describe my gratitude and what I have regained in myself but I’m sure you get the idea. Thank you so much once again Trijntje.

  Thank you, Trijntje, for the healing, the advice and the use of that lovely railway carriage!!  I now have so much food for thought. Thank-you for being one of those rare people who are willing to go that extra mile for others, and giving so much of yourself. I hope you know how much I appreciate you, how very grateful I am for your kindness and how deeply your thoughtfulness and consideration has touched me. Once more thanks a million for all your information, love and support.

Hi Trijntje,  thanks for yesterday and thanks also for the email attachments. I WILL follow through on the things we talked about.  I am not a terribly religious person but i do  believe that a higher force rules my life’s journey, and you confirmed that yet again thanks for showing me a positive angle to my situation. 

Thanks Trijntje. Olivia said she had an awesome experience with you yesterday and loved your energy!! You’ve made my day! My stomach has worked twice today already so I’m all systems go. Thank you so much Train Cha! I really appreciated your time and more importantly your care. I know I will benefit from our time together. Thanks again and all the best.

I am very thankful for all the information that you gave me to start my new way of living and now realize how simple it all is to get back to basics. My sinus has cleared up and my moods have stabilized with just those few changes to my diet and the cleanse. I am amazed as I had no idea that certain foods could be so destructive.

I just wanted to let you know I feel so great and recognize and use the weeds you pointed out for me. Many thanks for you support and kindness

Thanks for the instructions. I look forward to seeing you and enjoying the bliss of your special space again.

  I am really enjoying the new regime and am amazed how clear headed I am. The depression has gone and I feel motivated again. What a difference your day has made for me. Thank you for be the caring, supportive person you are and being there for people like me. Much gratitude

I find I am doing well and finding it easy to switch to a new way of eating!  I don’t feel like its hard to do.  I can’t believe how different my diet is.  Making the transition is easy.  I forget to tell you, I have lost weight and bloating already from tummy and even face.  Mostly I am so happy that I am living this different life.  And a great by-product is my family is doing it too!  Last night my husband came home from work, still very sick with his cold and no appetite but saw me making my dinner which was a drink of vegetable juice with the whey powder and asked if he could try it and drank the whole glass.   Great for his immunity, perfect for a low appetite and then when he was calmer, ate vegetable soup.  My daughter and son love the vegetable juice and drink it like they are drinking juice.  I am so happy I can so easily get veges into them.  They both help me in the vegetable garden and are eagerly watching the plants grow.  I can’t wait to harvest them and show them where the veges come from.  I have to set up a compost now for all the lovely vegetable and fruit pulp we are generating.  How great to be able to have a working vegetable garden and fruit trees in the suburbs.  Every day is better and I am moving further away from my old self.

  Thank you so much for your caring yesterday. I am already feeling a lot better. You are a very gifted and beautiful person and I hope our paths cross often. Thank you for the recipe ebooks I will use them. 

  The cleanse was just a marvel...and you can bet I am out there as a new advocate, recommending YOU of course. I feel better than in for ever...mainly that clarity of mind you mentioned. I actually feel 5 years younger....sexual(yay)...happy....with that mild depression completely eradicated....oh my god how simple is this. You are a special and very beautiful lady, and it was a pleasure to share the day with you releasing my boring redundant old crap ! Thank you sooooo much gorgeous one. Guess what.....I had a very romantic weekend....and a big shift in my perspective and self responsibility regards my relationship. Blessings, till we next meet Much love and respect

  I just can’t believe that the first time in my life of 75 years my bowels are working properly. You did say give it 3 days and yes it started to work then and to think all it was was a small adjustment to my diet. I am also amazed at the clarity and energy I now have. I am so grateful

  I just wanted to let you know that I used the castor oil on the big lump on my arm as you suggested and it only took 2 weeks for it to disappear. You are such a wealth of information and I thank-you again for sharing it so openly with me.

  My headache has gone now just like you said.  I had your wonderful health drink for breakfast this morning and I felt like I was jumping out of my skin all morning.  What a wonderful way to feel.  Thank you, thank you.

  I woke up wondering how I would feel after the Hypnosis yesterday and immediately I want to change my breakfast to fresh fruit salad and yogurt, no bread or cereal to weigh me down. Sorry I can’t resist sharing these changes with you.  I just realized I am basically living the life I wanted to step into.  I hope to get further and further away from the old one.  I am truly grateful for your help.

  I arrived back in Darwin very very early this morning. We thoroughly enjoyed our day with you. My daughter is over the moon with the difference it has made to her already.

  I would never have thought to have colonics and actually had an aversion to it, but when my friend who had been to you suggested I go seeing I was so ill I thought well I have to do something as I am not getting any better and the antibiotics weren’t helping. Your treatment has restored my energy and wellbeing and has taught me so much. I realize how judgmental I have been about things I did not understand and am so grateful that I came. Thank-you for a great day and a new way of looking at life. You are a true healer.

  Thank you very much for all that information, had no idea, but I am very grateful to receive it. Have read a lot of it and still reading  the websites you gave. I now know that my decision to not go any further with Chemotherapy is the right one for me. I am still digesting all the information and my husband and I are talking about it.  I will come back to you when we sort ourselves out as you are the first people we thought about when we went negative on the Chemotherapy. It is ironic that our paths cross again. Once again we thank you we had no idea that you had so much researched material, we were blown away with the amount that you have sent, your time and effort and quick response.

  The skin on my face feels transformed and glowing. The main change to my diet will simply be a move away from bread...! The fresh new clarity of mind/emotion has astounded,surprised and blessed me, I am so happy for this, it was all I really needed without knowing it. I need no will power to stick with the clean and I’m just here naturally. I will come for your deep cleanse each year as my ritual for a life well lived. Thanks so much for the ebooks. Blessed be beautiful Much love and light

  It was lovely to catch up with you last week. Thank you for sending the e-books - the info looks really interesting. The medicine and the goats milk is working well - I have less mucus - the difference is already noticeable and I feel a lot better... and I haven’t used the puffer even though the air has been cold (which is one of the triggers for the asthma wheeze). Thank you. After the adjustment you gave me, my back was sore on Friday but I got up on Saturday morning and I was like a new person. The ache in my back between my shoulder blades was gone.

  To think that the depression and mood swings that I have been experiencing were all related to toxins and my diet. I no longer am a grump and feel so good with my new regime and new head space.

  Thank-you so much for all that you have done for our mum. I thought I would let you know that she is miraculously in remission and is keeping on with your herbs and great diet. We are forever grateful for your support and healing, you are an angel.

  Thank you sooooo much for the Medicine!! Today has been a pain free day and it’s such a relief. You truly are an Earth Angel!

  The blood clot on the back of my leg has gone after only one week of using the medicines you prescribed. I was very skeptical but now have a totally different view on natural medicines. I am very grateful and thank-you for your support, healing and wisdom.

  I just wanted to say ’thank you’ for not only your services but for your advice and for just being "you". It is amazing what a difference one slice of bread can make, and since you suggested I didn’t eat bread any more I have not only lost weight (without trying) but am feeling so much better and less tired. With my current work load I don’t know how I would be now, if I was still feeling the same as when I came to see you.

  Just a few words of gratitude and to pass on very sincere THANKS for the marvelous change you made to our wayward son. His health has certainly improved as has his attitude to life. and it’s evident that he’s listening. You must have a rare charm, apparently, for inducing positive thinking. Positive people like yourself are God’s gift to man. As David said so well in Psalms - “I am wonderfully made.”

  Wow! Thank you for the cook books, and the ph stuff. And thank you very much for making me so welcome to your beautiful home and property, and so freely giving of your knowledge and experience with herbs and their wonderful benefits, but also for your lovely manner and professional approach to the treatment you gave me. You helped me deal with my embarrassment. I will keep in touch and give you feedback on my progress. I feel great today. Thank you for being you.

  I just want to thank you so very much for the wonderful day I spent at your lovely retreat on Monday. I awoke feeling fabulous (like a new woman), and my enthusiasm and drive have well and truly been rekindled. I just have to watch I don’t overdo it in this more energized state - until I am fully recovered. I am looking forward to learning more about weeds, and appreciate the plants you gave me to get me started. So, thank you again - you are a beautiful person.

  Many thanks, indeed, Trijntje, Yesterday was a real eye-opener as well as a tremendous benefit to me in so many ways. I’ll be forever grateful!

  Dad says things happen when they’re needed and that people cross our paths by a design higher than we understand. It seems like just mere coincidence, but my Dad learned of your Clinic just a week ago from my brother who got the information from his friends. It’s “wheels within wheels”! You’ve given me a great start and a much more positive attitude than I had - so, God bless!

  I came to see you a couple of months ago about a skin cancer problem. You gave me some radium weed to treat it and it seems to have worked. It did exactly what you said it would do form a scab and then drop off after about a week and hasn’t been a problem since. Can’t thank you enough. I was already a firm believer in natural therapy, and that has just reinforced that belief.

  Thought it time to let you know how I’m progressing with my EFT work. I’m pleased to be able to tell you that my sleeping patterns have considerably improved. I’m feeling quite positive about it at the moment.

  Many many thanks for yesterday - you made me feel really at ease and I learned such a lot from you. I had a ’screaming’ headache which didn’t subside until mid morning today. Once, many years ago, I went to Clear Mountain in Brisbane and had a 3-day detox. We were told that headaches and bad moods are quite common during detoxing and I also suffered from a huge headache that I believe it showed it worked! I cooked up a big batch of brown rice last night and had a very interesting, but yummy breakfast this morning. Thanks again Trijntje,

  Thank you for a wonderful day, on so so many levels. It was beautiful to be there and with you and your wisdom, insights and love. And i feel so much better, dare i say lighter cos that is what comes to my mind. Thank you again

  I have been meaning to write to you for a while to tell you my good news. After my detox treatment in July and your special healings and advice about taking Kelp, I naturally fell pregnant two months later. I am expecting in May this year. So far the pregnancy has been going really well, no morning sickness. I have no doubt it was the cleansing and clearing of emotional and physical garbage and toxins and the change of diet that helped me achieve my greatest wish. Many blessings to you and thank you so much for sharing your special talents and healing gifts. My family and I are eternally grateful and looking forward to the addition to our family.

  I came to see you a couple of years back for colonic irrigation. I felt so great for so long afterwards and I would like to come up and see you for another treatment.

  I have been feeling fantastic since the colonics. I have been following as much as possible your diet and feeling great. I have stopped eating bread and yesterday purchased a juicer for raw juicing and will let you know when I am very healthy and thin again. It was lovely to meet you, you are a lovely, kind, and intelligent person.

  Thanks for the info. Yes, I feel a hell of a lot cleaner and lighter after having flushed an immense amount of toxins from the body. I look forward to another session.

  Leg healed, many thanks, still gets a bit itchy at times but am over the moon over it all.

  Thank you so much for my detox treatment yesterday. I really feel like it will be life changing and a turning point in my life. I went home and made brown rice and fish fillets for dinner and the brown rice wasn’t that bad. I have some for my lunch today. I am interested in experimenting with myself and not eating the wheat products, dairy etc. I guess I feel that now that my system has had a good clean out, its a good place to start, and I can really test the effects of food in my body. I feel lighter and my face looks more vibrant. My husband said he can see the difference. Just put Vitality in a bottle, charge lots of money for it and most people will be more inclined to have it! Thanks again for everything. Your home, the environment and the care made it a life changing beautiful experience.

  Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you so much for your kindness on my rather huge day of purging. I made it home with the help of a legion of angels and went straight to bed. I just shake my head when I think of about purging on all levels. Your daily regime notes are great and I’ve been inspired to incorporate more of your suggestions into my diet; so yes, I am feeling great now; very light and full of energy. So many thanks once again Trijntje and I’m sure that next time I come to see you it will be a much more joyful experience for all!! With gratitude and blessings,

  Thank you for yesterday - I enjoyed meeting up you, and I’m really happy with the service you provided. I also intend following the suggestions you have made to help improve my quality of life. Thank you!

  I have just arrived home in New Zealand, thanks for the day retreat I found it to be a wonderful experience and wish to thank you for the great environment and for your expertise.

  You are the one who set me on a life changing path. I feel I owe you so much, also this week I had a breakthrough (can I say such a thing?) with meditation. On your CD the one where you fill yourself with love then you send it out to where you wish. I heard of this from another source first (and in a lot more detail) and when I heard you say it too.. I tried it, and the results are staggering... so Trijntje , thank you, remember that day 2 years ago last September I sat in your office and you said to me I see you have started on the path .... yeah what a path, thank you. I just wanted to say Thank you so much for your help & inspiration, & for giving me the motivational kick! I am endeavouring to keep to the ‘no wheat’ regime & I have been feeling much better & my energy has certainly picked up. I find the health drink very good too. Wishing you both all the best in your wonderful peaceful place

  You have a wonderful way with words, it makes me tearful but also makes me feel much better. You are right I have missed a fair few days of listening to your CD! Will start again tonight. Thank-you for your wonderful support.

  My cycle returned back to 28 days for the first time in 3 years this month, so I am keen to keep up with the Plantain to support my improvement. Thank-you so much and keep up your great work.

  Well, everything is still going well and I am feeling positive, you did something magical!

  I feel like a million dollars. The Epsom salts and change of diet is amazing. I cannot thank you enough. I have been swimming over a kilometer every day. The change is wonderful.

  I really enjoyed my relaxing and cleansing day with you. I enjoyed our conversation. Have purchased the products you’ve recommended and am feeling great. Thank you.

  Thank you for the information, I am looking forward to implementing some of the changes you recommended in my life. I have woken up with sparkly eyes this morning and feel much more positive, and know that I will be one of your "regulars".

  Thanks for seeing me last week..I’ve been doing the herbs and tinctures faithfully since then and am in less overall pain and feeling so much better. Thanks for your help.

  I am doing really well after seeing you. Lost weight and feel much healthier. I started swimming and have so much more energy.

  Many thanks for your lovely words on the brown bag, it made my day and the herbal tea really does wonders!!! You too have been such an easy and genuine person to communicate with. My Dad increased his intake of herbs last week. He’s so positive at the moment, I’m really hoping his next scan gives us all good news.

  Hi, once again thanks again for your wonderful work i really do feel great and am looking forward to doing a rebirth with you. I only wish i could do it straight away so I could go away on holidays feeling emotionally even better. I am sticking to the diet. I am due to get another period any day now, but my last period was really good, and I didn’t need to take any nuerofen. My moods are much better, and I find if I do eat pasta or bread, it affects me terribly. I am finding your meditation CD is working wonders. Thank-you for everything it has changed my life. It was a great pleasure meeting you and your demeanor was very "calming" to me. I have been listening to your cd and it is amazing. My moods have stabilized and I have a lot more energy. Thank you!

  Cough pretty much gone. I had a flair up on Saturday night where I bought a garlic prawn meal and started coughing almost immediately. In analysing the meal we found that the garlic sauce contained cream. This confirms how spot on your diagnosis was and how gifted at your profession you are. Thanks again. Amazing knowledge and diagnosis after speaking to me for the initial hour. Well done!!!

  I haven’t been back to you since you helped with advice re: headaches and pressure behind my eyes following car incident. Your advice worked a treat thank you so much and I am once again the optimum of health and wellbeing. There is a little twist however that I would like to share with you and I know you will understand. Immediately following the accident I felt fine, two days after the accident I took my car for a quote from a good friend who was very concerned about me due to his trained eye realizing there was significant force behind the impact. He wanted me to attend a Doctor/Chiropractor as he feared neck or back injuries may develop in the next few days. And they did…. I didn’t attend a doctor or chiropractor for the reasons I shared with you, however an element of doubt about my wellbeing must have taken hold. The symptoms began to escalate, as I pondered where to seek ‘natural’ treatment and then your card ‘appeared’. I knew I had complete faith and belief in your knowledge and expertise, I trusted you would be able to help me ‘naturally’… and you did. I resonated with your advice and took it on board. Thank you I feel really great.

  Trijntje, My Dad has been keeping really well and is so positive with his diet and well-being. You really made a huge impact on him and I think he was so touched by your genuine and caring approach.

  Thank you very much for your care, I appreciate your advise and will execute the advise. I felt that you did more than you should have and it is appreciated. I feel energetic and clear headed and my eyesight has improved and I am so much more focused. Thank-you so much again.

Do you want to be able to send me something like these?

you can make an appointment or, if you are too far away to visit in person, you can have an online consultaion via the website:> Middle Path> Clinic Services> Clinic Clients Testimonials
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