One Day DeTox Organic Health Retreat

Our one day detox program is QUICK, unique and powerful: a deep whole-system detoxification using herbs and spring water colonic irrigation.

Kick Start YOUR Life with the One Day Detox which incorporates 3 Spring water Colonics, a Professional Naturopathic & Iridology Health Assessment & Counselling, an Energy Balance Treatment and, at the end of the day, YOU will receive an Individual Health Regime designed just for YOU.

Kick starting my life can't be this easy” - that's what most people say before they experience the seemingly-miraculous effects of our one-day detox program. This is a world-first regime we have developed here at Middle Path which will, in a single day

This is where thousands of people have
kick-started their lives - come and join them

  • Eradicate Toxins from deep within your Body
  • Hydrate Your System
  • Oxygenate Your Cells
  • Clear Your Mind
  • Detoxify You Deeply, Thoroughly and Pervasivly
  • Stimulate Your Organs via Your internal Colon Pressure Points
  • Slow down the Ageing Process
  • Teach you more relevant, targeted practical, usable, plain-english knowledge about your health and wellbeing in one day than you imagine is possible.
  • Give You a sparkling start to the Rest of your Life

Before you come - we suggest before your evening meal - we ask you to have an Epsom Salts flush to make sure you get the best result possible.

When you arrive we will get you settled in the caboose and make sure you are comfortable.

Immediately before your first session, a simple Urine test will give us an accurate assessment of your overall health.

You will have a potent organic herbal infusion to drink over the day which will intensify the cleansing process and tone up your entire Circulatory System.

We use Iridology to create effective, practical and simple guidance for you to enjoy optimal health and vitality.

All this - and a delightful day relaxing in our Garden of Eden - for only AUD$400

We can treat 2 people in one day so this cleansing retreat also works well for couples and friends.

Why it Works so Well

your nutrient processing organs


The intestines are the organs which absorb nutrients from the food we eat, although most of this is done in the small intestine, the large intestine (aka colon, bowels) also absorb substantial amounts. Modern processed foods contain a huge range of synthetic chemicals which are toxic to the human body and these are absorbed just as readily by the intestines.

The longer food remains in your system the less nutritious and more toxic it becomes so that, if it is not expelled within 3 days or thereabouts, it can lose all its nutritional value and become a source of toxins. These toxins will reduce your physical well-being, erode your emotional bouyancy and destroy your mental clarity.

Food generally passes through the small intestines quite swiftly, it is the large intestine where it can slow down (constipation), be lodged in pockets (diverticulitis) or adhere to the walls.

Colonic irrigation or colon hydrotherapy is the best way to rinse and clean the colon - just like showering your body to cleanse your skin - by washing away all the toxins with a gentle flow of pure, clean water.

Why it Works so Well

Our method of doing 3 in one day means that all 3 sections of the colon get cleaned on the day which is why most people experience an "unbelievable" lift in their energy, spirits, vitality and clarity in 7 short hours.

The traditional approach of 1 colonic a week for several weeks has the disadvantage of always starting from the same place; because in the period between session the bowel fills with waste matter from eating and so each week the state of the bowel is much the same as it was the week before as far as waste matter goes and so each colonic begins by dealing with the descending portion of the colon and it is unlikely it will last long enough to reach the ascending portion.

Our one day detox includes 3 colonics - usually with a 2 hour rest period between them - the second and third of these start where the previous colonic left off. This means that cleansing advances back up your colon in a way that is unachievable in a single colonic, weekly interval scenario.

Effects of a toxic lifestyle

When you dont have time to care about your diet


When you become stressed or your diet is poor in nutrition, your body becomes acid and creates depression, mood swings, memory loss and countless other symptoms. Your immune system breaks down and leaves you open to disease.

Colonic Irrigation will clear the acidity from your system and give you a new lease on life.

Our clinical experience administering colonics since 1982 has consistently demonstrated that Colonic Irrigation is one of the fastest, safest and side-effect free ways to detoxify your body, emotions and mind.

Some corporate executives come for the one day detox just to clear their mind so that they can restore their decision-making clarity.

Colonics are extraordinarily effective in clearing the mind immediately.

Why a one-day-detox organic retreat?

To effectively cleanse the colon, the main organ of nutritional absorption and toxic elimination in the body, it is necessary to internally wash and rinse the 3 sections - ascending, transverse and descending. Each of these sections requires a separate colonic irrigation for effective cleansing.

Traditionally the approach was to carry these out at weekly intervals - involving 3 visits. This method also allows the body to continue building up toxic deposits between colonics so that the second and third irrigations were somewhat impaired by dealing with material introduced since the previous treatment.


developed in response to time-stressed clients demands

We initially developed the one day detox to accommodate busier clients and international visitors who were pressured for time and could not make multiple visits. By adding potent and effective herbal implants and building a more effective, larger-capacity irrigation machine the 3-in-one-day colonics worked brilliantly.

They reliably produced such effective results for my clients by the end of the day that they established themselves as a world-leading detox therapy.

Hence my "3-in-one-day" colonics have become well-known as “One-Day Detox”.

It is no longer necessary for our clients to come back week after week - an approach which can be unnecessarily expensive in time and money. The results achieved with the one-day detoxes are absolutely amazing (so we are repeatedly told) and it is only necessary to do it once every 1 to 2 years thereafter, depending on your lifestyle.

What results you can expect from your one-day-detox organic retreat?

Here's what a few clients have told us, the comments are typical of what you can look forward to following a one-day organic detox retreat at Middle Path:

  • I am alive again and the depression is gone as well.
  • an enlightened insight into most facets of health and lifestyle
  • You have impacted so positively in my life
  • My body is working so well since the cleansing.
  • Words don't really describe what I have regained in myself
  • I'm all systems go.
  • The depression has gone - I'm amazed how clear headed I am
  • I actually feel 5 years younger
  • the first time in 75 years my bowels are working properly.
  • I felt like I was jumping out of my skin all morning
  • Your treatment has restored my energy and wellbeing and has taught me so much
Treat yourself and make an appointment now to enjoy a vital, healthy quality life, I look forward to meeting you soon.

What does it cost?

We charge $400 all inclusive for a one-day-detox. Any remedies or products you may wish to purchase will be extra.

Before you come - we suggest before your evening meal - we ask you to have an Epsom Salts flush to make sure you get the best result possible.

You can request an appointment or booking here.

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