a tablespoon of Epsom Salts

Epsom Salts Flush for Depression

an instant mental detox can prevent suicide

Epsom Salts are a crystaline form of Magnesium Sulphate Mg2SO4.

They are used for many different purposes: we are tremendously grateful for its ability to cleanse toxins from the bowel in a matter of minutes. In the garden we use it as a soil sweetener - it reduces the acidity of the soil and instantly creates a sweeter environment for the plants.

It has a similar effect on one's mental outlook - although the process is not quite the same. By cleaning out the bowel the immediate result is a sweetening of one's mental outlook, in terms of depression it is an unbeatable “Blues Buster in a Box”.

The flush is easy to prepare using just water and epsom salts (which you can buy at just about any supermarket) - be warned though: the solution has not the most pleasant of tastes.

Epsom Salts Flush Instructions

Do not do this on a full stomach!

This needs to be done on a reasonably empty stomach at least 4 hours without food.


      • a small glass of water
      • 1 tablespoon of Epsom salts
      • 2 litres more water
  1. Thoroughly mix the epsom salts in the glass of water (they are highly soluble and should dissolve easily, using warm water may help dissolve the crystals faster).
  2. Drink this solution as quickly as you can - the taste is not pleasant, some people find that drinking it through a straw prevents tasting it altogether.
  3. Then drink 1½ to 2 litres of water or as much as you can immediately. You can have juices which help replace the taste if that helps.
Usually you will find that the effects are noticeable within a short time - your bowel contents feel like they have become liquified and can't wait to be squirted out.

You will need to stay near a toilet to avoid consternation.

The process should be complete in under 2 hours.

Please Note: in some cases (typically if you are Magnesium-deficient) your body may prefer to absorb the magnesium for its own immediate needs rather than squirt it out in a colon cleanse. There is nothing wrong with this - it just means you will have to repeat the process to achieve the cleansing of the bowels.

If this happens for you please be aware that you have done yourself a great benefit by replenishing your internal magnesium reserves.

How it works

One's mental outlook is intimately tied to the state of your bowels - when your bowels are full of old toxins - or even new ones - then your mental outlook will become toxic.

The most effective way of absorbing toxins is through the thin walls of the large intestine or colon - they are perfectly designed to absorb nutrition. This means they also are very effective at absorbing toxins if that's what you've been eating.

When you clear toxic buildup you simultaneously clear the body's toxic level and the most noticeable place you will observe this is in your mental processes or thoughts.

When your mind and thoughts become less toxic it means it is near impossible to stay depressed or "down in the dumps".

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