Colonic Irrigation - Spring Water Detox at Middle Path

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  Cleansing your colon is one of the fastest ways to detox your system. It will give you an instant feeling of wellbeing, and is a powerful first step in restoring a vital and vibrant life.

Almost every chronic dis-ease is directly due to the influence of bacterial poisons absorbed by the colon.

A toxic colon can significantly contribute to 80 per cent of all diseases and debilitating health conditions.

If you are considering this detox treatment, you can see what others have had to say about receiving it and also read my answers to their questions (these pages open in a new window):

Colonic overload
breeding ground of disease

Discover the feeling of renewed energy and clarity as well as a motivation to start afresh with your new health program.

Take the first step and cleanse from within. The old saying "As within as without" also refers to your health.

You can save yourself weeks of fasting and cleansing by choosing Colonic Irrigation, a safe effective quick detoxification that will improve your health instantly.

You have 2 options:
  • One single colonic each week for 3 weeks (total cost AUD$360) or
  • Our recommended choice: One Day Detox where you stay at middle Path for the day, relax, revitalize and renew, reaping all the health benefits, including 3 colonics, a health assessment, daily health regime and a tonic that purifies your blood, as well as herbal implants to suit your health needs (total cost AUD$400).
Your body is designed to heal itself, so give it the kick start it deserves and cleanse, energize and revitalize with colonics at Middle Path.

Take this easy step in cleansing your body and mind and you will restore your eneregy, clarity and zest for living.

What would stop anyone from having a treatment after reading what great and effective health benefits others have experienced and reading my answers to their questions (these pages open in a new window)?

Irrigating the colon is like an internal bath of warm filtered spring water which helps to remove accumulated or encrusted faecal matter, mucoid deposits, gas and toxins.

This general internal deep cleansing and detoxification reduce toxic load on the system and can banish many conditions, seemingly overnight.

The very best of diets can be no better than the very worst if your internal sewage system is clogged with waste. When your organs are poisoned you can age prematurely, your joints may become stiff and painful, your eyesight becomes dull and you feel sluggish and fatigued. Your life quality becomes greatly reduced.

Colonic Irrigation is completely safe, and all equipment is sterilized using hospital-approved sterilization methods. We have elected to use reusable catheters to minimize waste. The water pressure is very low and there is no risk of bowel perforations. Your privacy is respected, and gowns are provided for the ladies and pajama pants for the men.

A minimum course of three treatments is a must for a general detoxification; this can be done in one day or at weekly intervals. Deposits that have built up over a lifetime cannot be completely eliminated in a single session. You will feel the difference in your wellbeing after your very first session, by the third irrigation your whole colon usually is cleansed. I have developed a technique whereby I conduct 3 irrigations in one day thus providing many busy people with a comprehensive detoxification in a single day.

This "One-day Detox" provides more effective detoxification as there is no toxic build-up between sessions and each treatment begins where the previous one finished.

I also include a free health assessment and Iridology analysis with your initial treatment. I will be happy to discuss your diet and health options and create a tailored daily regime which you will be able to take home with you.

My charges for this treatment are $120 - an appointment is essential.

Your Health is your greatest asset - restore or boost it NOW

You can make an enquiry here or an appointment for a colonic irrigation here.

We are situated just outside Maleny in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland - just an hour's drive north of Brisbane. Its a beautiful place to spend a day revitalising the rest of your life.

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