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Fergus & Trijntje

Fergus was born in Glasgow and Trijntje (pronounced "train-cha") in Holland, we both emigrated to Australia in the 1950's.

Fergus returned to Scotland and completed a Ph.D. in Computing Science at Edinburgh University while Trijntje was developing the basis for her work in the Natural Healing Sciences. Fergus' computing career culminated in managing the technical side of the Queensland State Government Computer Centre. However, a growing dissatisfaction with the de-humanising insensitivity of that work place led to an "early retirement" and a move to the country.

We met on St. Valentine's day in 1986 and married two years later, again on St Valentine's day. By this time Trijntje had established a well-respected and widely-known Natural Health clinic in Northern NSW and Fergus was becoming increasingly involved with teaching and studies involving mind/body/behaviour mechanisms.

In 1987 Fergus was asked to develop a Behavioural Therapies course for the Australian Academy of Natural Therapies. During this period Fergus was engaged by the fledgling University of New England at Lismore to lecture on Computer Operating Systems. Fortune decreed that lectures for these two courses were to be delivered on the same day - separated by a 3-hour drive. This time provided extensive opportunities to reflect on parallels between the human mind and computer systems - behaviours and operations.

We began developing MindVision in 1988 as a practical, experiential platform for our growing committment to "making a difference". To this day we continue to offer MindVision at our home as our way of sharing the fruits which life has given to us.

In 1992 we moved to a 3¾-acre property 3¾ kilometres outside of Maleny - a lot which had been cut off a downsizing dairy farm. It was an "essential cow-paddock" when we arrived, although a few gums and pines had been planted here and there.

  Our entrance when we first met it

A further set of "coincidences" led to Fergus returning to computing activity (after a 12-year hiatus) through the development of a computer-based tool which would demonstrate a computer's “clairvoyant” ability. The outstanding success of this project led to the development of CyberSayer , a PC-based (for Microsoft-Windows) tool which encourages personal empowerment and supports individuals to develop their awareness or insight into their lives and affairs. Over the years CyberSayer has evolved and incorporated much of MindVision's magic.

Trijntje and Charm at the "shed site" Much of what we have been doing since we moved to Middle Path is documented on the web. Of particular interest to many are:-
  • Our home - The Temple - the story of its construction (to date - it remains a "work-in-progress") - where the clinic is situated.
  • CyberSayer ~ Software for Your Soul - a program Fergus is developing as a tool for self-empowerment and developing awareness in these "interesting times". A powereful tool for personal and planetary change.
  • eyesite - a brief introduction to the view through the "windows of your soul" - based on Fergus' studies with Denny Johnson, the developer of Rayid.

We have been through much as we built this property into what it is today - a sanctuary, an Awareness Sanctuary where people from all over the world are welcome to come and discover themselves and their strengths. Middle Path is also a place where it is safe to accept yourself - just the way you are!

The flora and fauna enjoy Middle Path's "Land for Wildlife" status whilst humans appreciate the freedom from distraction in a beautiful space which showcases what life can be like when lived with awareness.

Our focus was, and remains, personal empowerment and life enrichment. We are devoted to "making a difference" and we believe that the only effective way to achieve this is to "walk our talk" - Middle Path is the result for us and we love to share it with all who are interested in conscious living.

Fergus - "man must measure"

Thanks for sharing a glimpse of us - We wish you a wonderful today and a brighter tomorrow!

Fergus & Trijntje Reilly


Trijntje Reilly ND

1982 Certificate: Study of Colon Irrigation, Chevallum Hydrotherapy
1983 Diploma of Herbal Medicine, Queensland Institute of Natural Science
1983 Diploma of Swedish Massage & Zone Therapy, Queensland Institute of Natural Science
1984 Diploma of Naturopathy, Queensland Institute of Natural Science
1984 Certificate Iridology, Iridologists International (Bernard Jensen)
1984 Certificate Instructor of Iridology, Iridologists International (Bernard Jensen)
1985 Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis, NSW School of Hypnotic Sciences
1985 Diploma of Auric Field Correction including Colour & Aroma Therapy, Queensland Institute of Natural Science
1986 First Degree Reiki, The Official Reiki Program
1988 Certificate; Rebirthing/Stress Management, Northern College of Natural Therapies
1992 Certificate Rayid Practitioner, Rayid International
2002 Certificate IV in Natural Therapies, Natural Healing School of Massage & Hydrotherapy
2002 Certificate in Colon Hydrotherapy, Natural Healing School of Massage & Hydrotherapy
2004 Certificate: Laughter Yoga Instructer, Dr Kataria's School of Laughter Yoga
2004 Certificate Authentic Happiness Coaching, Authentic Happiness Australia
1994-> Construction and Creation of Middle Path Health and Awareness
2011 Psych-K Facilitator course, Coolangatta, QLD

Fergus Reilly BSc(Hons), PhD

1965 Matriculated, Mount Gambier High School, SA
1968 Bachelor of Science, University of Adelaide, SA
1969 Bachelor of Science with Honours in Computer Science, University of Adelaide, SA
1974 Doctor of Philosophy, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
1986 Reiki levels 1 & 2, Coffs Harbour & Uki, NSW
1987 Rayid Model of Human Personality - practitioner level, Brisbane & Colorado, New Mexico & California, USA
1988 Systematic Training for Effective Parenting, Northern NSW
1992 Rayid Teacher Certification, Boulder, Colorado
1990 Healing Hands Massage Therapies, Brisbane, QLD
1991 Breath Release Therapy, Practitioner Certification, Lismore, NSW
1993 Kahuna Geomancy and Massage, Mt. Warning, NSW
1994-> Construction and Creation of Middle Path Health and Awareness
2011 Psych-K Facilitator course, Coolangatta, QLD

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