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recommended reference These sites we regard as superb sources for authorative information on a very wide range of issues dramatically affecting your health, wellbeing & awareness in contemporary western society.

recommended resource These sites we regard as excellent sources for products and tools to dramatically improve your health, wellbeing & awareness in contemporary western society.

link to  "How can I use HERBS in my daily life?" (opens in new window) These sites we regard as useful sources for authorative information on specific issues dramatically affecting many people's health, wellbeing & awareness in contemporary western society.

link to  "How can I use HERBS in my daily life?" (opens in new window) These sites we regard as useful sites which may be of interest to many of our internet visitors.

Practical, effective Health & Wellbeing Information

link to  "" (opens in new window)Dr Joseph Mercola a site offering lots of authorative information on what you can do to personally free yourself from the lethargy, dullness and debiolitation running rampant today. "It is my vision to transform the existing medical paradigm from one addicted to pharmaceuticals, surgeries and other methods that only conceal or remove specific symptoms - with morbid results to our health and economy -- to one focused on treating and preventing the underlying causes."

link to  "" (opens in new window) "Our mission is public education. We are 100% dedicated to finding and reporting the truth on topics that matter. We're 100% independent, we take no money from the companies or products we write about, and we cannot be bought off."

link to  "The Dr. Rath Health Foundation" (opens in new window)The Dr. Rath Health Foundation Dr Matthias Rath has made significant discoveries in the natural control of cancer, cardiovascular disease and other chronic health conditions. His site offers much information as well as a lucid view of his campaign "Never before in the history of mankind was a greater crime committed than the genocide organized by the pharmaceutical drug cartel in the interest of the multibillion-dollar investment business with disease".

link to  "Phillip Day's Campaign for Truth in Medicine
" (opens in new window)Phillip Day's Campaign for Truth in Medicine recognises the fundamental right of individual freedom of choice in health treatments. CTM also recognises the fact that today informed choice for treatments in medicine is the exception rather than the rule. CTM is therefore committed to the distribution of accurate health and treatment information from properly researched sources leading to a citizen's informed choice. Site contains Credence Publication's bookstore carrying Phillip Day's books.

link to  "Natural, Holistic Health for Children" (opens in new window)Natural, Holistic Health for Children the parenting website and E-Newsletter that gives you reliable information about natural health and holistic medicine for children. In addition, we offer you insights on encouraging and fostering in children the following qualities: self-love, compassion for others, joy, contentment, and vibrant health and vitality on all levels - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Awareness and Understanding

link to  "Quackpot Watch" (opens in new window)Quackpot Watch Tim Bolen's site about exposing the conspiracy to destroy Alternative Medicine in the Americas. If you don't believe your health support system is under threat - if "This can't be happening in a western democracy" is a familiar attitude, Quackpot Watch is an educational eyeopener.

link to  "Citizens Committee on Human Rights (CCHR)" (opens in new window)Citizens Committee on Human Rights (CCHR) co-founded by Dr. Thomas Szasz, Professor of Psychiatry author of “The Myth of Mental Illness”, is a proactive group alerting us to the use of ficticious “Mental Health Disorcers” for profiteering to the grave detriment of our children and ourselves.

link to  "Not Milk" (opens in new window) offers substantial, well-documented information on just how bad processed (homogenised and pasteurized) cow's milk is for you.

link to CyberSayer (opens in new window)CyberSayer Software - This inspiring software program was developed by Peter my husband. l use it every other day and receive many useful insights into my life. This program is an accurate and dear friend.

link to Eyesite (opens in new window)Eyesite - Some useful information on the Rayid Model which is an eye interpretation offering you insight into the mental, spiritual and emotional aspects of the human being. I really like the Relationship section as well.

link to Australian Vaccination Network  (opens in new window)Australian Vaccination Network - For those of you who question Vaccination this site offers support and lots of information regarding Vaccination.

link to BBC Website (opens in new window)BBC Website has a great section on the Human Body, with lots of information and visuals.

Specific Issues

link to MEDLINEplus site  (opens in new window)MEDLINEplus is a comprehensive site operated by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health in the USA, it contains many useful resources and links including:- link to Attention Deficit Disorder (opens in new window)Attention Deficit Disorder - this site has interesting information and suggestions that may help create a better understanding of ADD.

Sites related specifically to Herbs and the growing thereof

link to Gardening Mentor (opens in new window)Gardening Mentor - Kevin Rodrigues' page on growing food in small spaces with companion planting.

Sites Sites offering health-supporting Products

link to Majistyks website for healing amulets (opens in new window)Majistyks offer custom-crafted amulets which are powerful tools to support any effort rpomoting improved health and well-being. This is Fergus' website for his wizardry.

link to who sell apricot kernels (opens in new window) are sellers of apricot kernels here in Australia - there are many uses for these gems of nature besides health and their B17 content.

Sites related specifically to Middle Path

link to Our Temple (opens in new window)Our Temple - This website will show you the progress of our environmentally friendly rammed earth reciprical roof octagon home/temple which was built by Fergus Reilly with my help.> Middle Path> Reception area> Natural Health Education and Support
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