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Website Conditions of Use & Disclaimer

We find it advisable to state our conditions and terms pertaining to your use of the information and/or services offered through this website.

  • The information on the Middle Path Web Site consists of information we have found to be of great benefit to ourselves and others.
  • Fergus and Trijntje Reilly and Middle Path Online cannot be held responsible for any damage or ill effects resulting from the application or use of any information included in this Middle Path Web Site or information sent in consultation via email. In short: the user assumes the entire risk as to the use of information on this website and supplied via services offered through this website.
  • All remedies referred to in any context are natural and if taken in the prescribed dosage are safe and have no harmful side effects as far as we have been able to determine.
  • We believe that each individual needs to take personal responsibility of their own health and wellbeing for healing to take place.
  • The articles, idea's and concepts contained on this web site are for information purposes only.
  • We accept no liablity or responsibilty for any consequences experienced by any person following the advice contained therein.

Looking forward to the day when this legalistic nonsense is not needed,                    
Thank you for your interest and support,          
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