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Welcome to Eyesite

The content of this site is a result of the Studies I have undertaken and pursued with Denny Johnson, author of "What the Eye Reveals", whose support and encouragement I gratefully acknowledge, especially his permission to freely use his material in furthering appreciation and awareness of the Rayid model of human personality as described in the Iris,

Fergus Reilly PhD

What Eyesite offers you:

click to go   Introduction to iris interpretation based on the Rayid model of Iris interpretation.

click to go   Your eye structure interpreted basic iris structures and what they reveal.

click to go   Your brain usage how you use the two hemispheres of your brain and what it means.

click to go   Your energy and awareness where and why it goes and what it means.

click to go   Your relationships ideas about relationships and their mechanisms

click to go   The rings of the Iris four unique features of the Iris and how they influence awareness and activity.

click to go   Issues, gifts and lessons what the location of features means to personality, desires and fears.

click to go   Search Eyesite a simple keyword-based search facility for Eyesite

click to go   About the creator of eyesite

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Affiliated sites which incorporate Rayid:-

CyberSayer   CyberSayer - powerful, accurate and insightful personal software, incorporating much of the philosophy discussed on eyesite in a practical PC-based tool for awareness and empowerment
Middle Path Health and Awareness logo   Middle Path Health and Awareness - eyesite's home and our Natural Health Care clinic where you can have your eyes interpreted using the Rayid methodology.

Want to know more?       Rayid Interpretations at Middle Path are available in one of 2 flavours:

click to go Personal Discovery

A one-hour session imparting an intimate, compassionate understanding of the mechanics of your personality, gifts and challenges in life. Opportunities will arise for you to discuss appropriate activities to create balance and inner peace and harmony.

click to go Personal Discovery Plus

A two-hour (or longer if appropriate) session building on the information we discover in a Personal Insight to enlist the active support of your subconcious mind in creating positive, profound and potent change in your life.

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