Personal Insight - discover your purpose, your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual strengths and challenges.

A session providing an intimate and compassionate understanding of the mechanics of
your personality, how it developed, your gifts and the challenges you face in Life

What Personal Insight offers you

Imagine accepting yourself with understanding - without reacting to "stuff" - having knowledge that will empower you with more compassion, tolerance and clarity, learning information about yourself which teaches you love for and acceptance of yourself.

Your eyes are the window to your soul and your irises present an accurate description - a blueprint if you like - of your life and its purpose to a trained Rayid practitioner (check out Eyesite - a deascription of Rayid and what it can tell you).

You've been looking out through them all your life and you know the way your life is working - you don't need anyone to tell you about the what of your life - it's the why? that is the mystery for most.

Why isn't it working for me? is the question we all end up asking ourselves sooner or later - when it gets bad we abbreviate it to Why me?.

This commonly experienced “life-crisis” happens when what every one (parents, teachers, peers, idols, mentors, role models) else told you that you should want/need/have/be/pursue/achieve is not working for you. When this happens you have choices:

  • avoidance or distraction - take refuge in becoming addicted to an illusion of happiness (TV, drugs, “busyness” are some popular choices)
  • resignation or indifference - resign yourself to living out a life of quiet (or noisy) desperation - be a shadow of what you could have been.
  • evolution or being true to yourself - find out who you are and what you want in life and learn to accept it - this way you will live a whole life expressing your full potential.

Personal Discovery is a positive, effective and enjoyable way learn to love and accept yourself

It sounds like a no-brainer doesn't it? Yet the vast majority of people make one of the first 2 choices and suffer the consequences. In fairness these choices require the least personal effort - inner effort. Choice 3 demands that you
  • get to know yourself as you really are which makes it easy to
  • accept yourself as you really are which makes it inevitable that you will
  • love yourself as you really are
Getting to Know Yourself is not a trivial task unaided; that's why our Personal Insight sessions are so life-changing - just one session give you an understanding of
  • your gifts and lessons - what you are here to do and learn.
  • how they influence your personality - why you behave the way you do.
  • how they affect desires and fears - why you really experience stress and anxiety.
  • how and why they work in you life - why you attract the life experiences you do.
  • what you can do to lessen the pain and increase the pleasure of living - how you can “go with the flow” and leave “fight or flight” behind.

How you can have Personal Insight

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