What is Proactive Mindfulness?

Firstly - lets consider What is Mindfulness?

all animals practice mindfulness

Mindfulness is a way to take charge of your life rather than letting life take charge of you. It could be defined as "the state of being conscious or aware".

Practicing mindfulness involves focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly noticing one's emotions, feelings, thoughts, attitudes and bodily sensations without becoming caught up in their stories.

There is a difference between being mindful and practising mindfulness. Being Mindful means living life in a mindful state, practising mindfulness for most means setting time aside to carry out a meditation-like exercise before returning to life as you know it.

Typically, there are one or more major issues which interfere with that transition from practice to beingness - and it may take years to reach a state of becoming sufficiently mindful of those issues and the havoc they wreak on you to allow the passage from practising mindfulness to living it.

What is Proactive Mindfulness?

Mindfulness practiced out loud with intent.

Sounds silly? Only if you have never experienced it. Mindfulness practice is essentially a solo event where all you have are your own resources, skills and abilities to draw on. Imagine if you could draw on the resources, skills and abilities of a group of people? Take it a step further: add intent - the intent to change your life - into the mix.

The power of the experience grows exponentially with the number in the group.

To experience Proactive Mindfulness in a caring, sharing group -
take a look at MindVision.

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