Holistic Health

One-day natural health education retreat
for your body mind and emotional wellbeing

Learn how to maintain health naturally in all aspects of your life


What is Holistic Health
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Holistic Health One-day natural health education retreat for your body mind and emotional wellbeing

What is Middle Path's One-day Holistic Health Retreat?

have you heard about Middle Paths One-day Holistic Health Retreat

Holistic Health is an opportunity to learn simple facts about how your health works: by “health”, we mean your physical health, your emotional happiness and your mental wellbeing.

It is a one-day maintenance course for the human being - the whole human being - similar to a one-day home mechanics course you might do if you wanted to learn how to maintain your car yourself.

It covers the care of your physical body, the nurturing of your emotions and the cultivation of your mental processes.

Each of these areas include topics relating to how it works, what you can do to maintain peak performance, preventing disease or avoiding breakdowns.

It is a one-day investment which will help you stay in peak condition, physically, emotionally and mentally for the rest of your life.

Some of the Benefits Holistic Health offers you:

We will teach you how to:
    • meditate to manage stress
    • make foods incorporating nature's medicines
    • adjust your self-attitude for improved self-esteem
    • prepare nutritious juices from fruit and vegetables
    • prevent disease with natural and inexpensive nutrition
    • deal with depression and mood swings quickly and effectively
    • have fun with new friends and what this can do for your health
    • common causes of fatigue and how to avoid them and stay energised
    • the benefits of taking personal responsibilty for your life and how that empowers you
    • release the effects of emotional stress which have contributed to pain, disease and physical ailments
    • understand how your mental processes work, their effects on your life and how you can change them
You will also enjoy:
    • a natural vegetarian lunch, fresh herbal teas and snacks
    • the energising effects of a “sacred site”
    • an informative fun day meeting people who also value their health
    • a delightfully peaceful day in natural surroundings overlooking a lake
    • learning information you can pass on to help family, friends and colleagues
You will not be:
    • pampered or molly coddled
    • encouraged to believe you are incapable of taking care of your health yourself

What is included in your Holistic Heath One-day Retreat

Natural Nutrition an introduction to power foods which will boost your energy and life-force, these are simple and commonly available; many can be found in supermarkets. An understanding of how traditional dietary advice - such as the government-endorsed “food pyramid” is no longer healthy or nutritious, and for some, is downright hazardous to their health.

'Nature's Medicines an introduction to several natural herbs (aka weeds) which contain immensely powerful components which will effectively prevent the majority of today's common ailments as well as aiding remission from these conditions. Weather permitting we will be harvesting some from the garden to use in preparing lunch.

Empower your Consciousness A look at conscious awareness, the effects of where it focusses and how to break free of debilitating mental patterns.

Meditation often regarded as a mystical eastern practice, meditation is, in fact, common to us all and, when used with purpose and intent is a very powerful tool to deal with the pressures and stresses of modern life. You will get practical instruction in a simple, effective meditation technique you can make an integral part of your daily routine.

lighten your load
Lighten your Load

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) a state-of-the-art do-it-yourself technique to restore harmony, balance and power to your subtle energies and life force as well as banishing the residual obstacles to happiness and fulfillment caused by traumas and stresses.

The importance of Fun and Laughter a practical session on having fun with your fellow healtharians and how to foster self esteem and positive self-attitudes.

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea a nutritious, tasty vegetarian meal, healthy snacks and herbal teas to show you that healthy food can be easy and quick to prepare and delicious to eat.

A day on a Sacred Site 2 ley lines intersect in a unique configuration in our teaching space; we are continually impressed how this energy intensifies the experience people have at Middle Path. These benefits are powerfully amplified when a group of people come together to help each other learn, change and develop.

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