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Oil Pulling - a Miraculous mouthwashing Therapy

This little-known therapy can change your life in just 20 minutes a day

it can also save your finances, your teeth, your hair and your life!

What Does Oil Pulling Do?[1][2][3][4]


Scientific studies confirm the efficacy of oil pulling therapy; one study shows that oil pulling with sesame oil can boost overall oral health. Specifically, using sesame oil as an oral health agent helps to reduce the amount bacteria in both teeth plaque and mouth saliva. Scientists believe that the lipids in the oil both pull out bacteria, as well as stop bacterial from sticking to the walls of the oral cavity.

Oil pulling may also increase saponification in the mouth, creating a soapy environment that cleanses the mouth as vegetable fat is an emulsifier by nature. Most interesting is perhaps the ability of oil to cleanse out harmful bacteria, as well as reduce fungal overgrowth. These oils also possibly help in cellular restructuring, and are related to the proper functioning of the lymph nodes and other internal organs.

Other possible benefits of oil pulling for oral health include:

  • Overall strengthening of the teeth and gums and jaws
  • Prevention of diseases of the gums and mouth, such as cavities and gingivitis
  • Prevention for bad breath
  • Potential holistic remedy for bleeding gums
  • Prevention of dryness of the lips, mouth and throat
  • Possible holistic treatment for TMJ and general soreness in the jaw area

Benefits Beyond the Mouth?

Ancient Ayurvedic health practitioners believed that oil pulling could reduce more than just diseases of the mouth and throat. Today, many holistic practitioners tout its use for a variety of health concerns.

It is believed that these oils help the lymphatic system of the body as harmful bacteria are removed and beneficial microflora are given with a healthy environment to flourish. Because of this holistic perspective, oil pulling has been used as a preventative health measure for many other conditions.

Other possible benefits of oil pulling for overall health include:

  • Migraine headache relief
  • Correcting hormone imbalances
  • Reducing inflammation of arthritis
  • May help with gastro-enteritis
  • Aids in the reduction of eczema
  • May reduce symptoms of bronchitis
  • Helps support normal kidney function
  • May help reduce sinus congestion
  • Some people report improved vision
  • Helps reduce insomnia
  • Reduced hangover after alcohol consumption
  • Aids in reducing pain
  • Reduces the symptoms of allergies
  • Helps detoxify the body of harmful metals and organisms


After 30+ years running a comprehensive Natural Health clinic specialising in detoxing and cancer treatment I thought I would have come across all the most effective detoxing therapies known to man.

Well I hadn't - this is really Fergus' story so I'll let him tell it.......

Its a story which started with my complete disillusionment with the Dental “Profession”. I had already lost faith in conventional health care but had not, as yet, abandoned dental care.

Some time ago a filling needed repair and I was attended to by a local dentist for - to me - an astronomical sum for several “items” including a general checkup.

Oil Pulling - a Miraculous mouthwashing Therapy can change your life in just 20 minutes a day

2 weeks later another filling reached it's use-by date and off I reluctantly went to the same clinic to be dealt with by a different dentist. This one started off insisting on an X-ray which led to muttering about abcesses and root canal work - both conditions I prefer to deal with myself using herbal tinctures. She would have none of this, became quite angry and started telling me every tooth in my mouth was decayed and needed urgent treatment as she worked her way around my mouth hitting each one quite forcefully as she went.

When I could speak I told her I had had a general checkup 2 weeks ago in that very same chair she turned a bright crimson and mumbled something inaudible. She accompanied me after the treatment to the receptionist who took care of the payments where she insisted I had been charged for a checkup which I obviously had not received. A refund? no way - just general embarassment, semi-coherent mumbling and buck-passing.

2 weeks later that work disintegrated and I chose to go to another clinic where I insisted I would take responsibility for my condition but needed help repairing the hole in my tooth - the filling was competently repaired.

Some weeks later I became aware of an intensifying discomfort in teeth along one side of my mouth - within several days the pain had become intense enough to prevent me working and was proving fairly resistant to my normal treatments of Nasturtium and Yellow Dock. I felt quite torn between a growing feeling of “this is getting out of control” and my determination not to be subjected to yet another X-ray and callously expensive care.

Fortunately I noticed that the colder the water I used to dilute the tinctures - the longer the pain relief lasted - but it always came back.

a mouth in need of detoxing

Then I observed that the pain was completely absent for hours at a time - usually from 4am to midday when the pain would start to increase.

Eating a meal helped stave off the pain - the more difficult to digest, the longer the respite.

At some point I became aware that a age-old cyst on the back of my neck (but on the same side as the discomfort in my mouth) was shrinking - it had been there for years and I had given up trying to get rid of it as every time I did something my body would respond by developing another cyst somewhere else. My conclusion had been better the devil you know.

So when I put all these together I concluded that I wasn't dealing with a tooth problem but with a toxic release which was venting through my jaw.

Over the next days I was rarely further than 1 metre away from a large glass of iced water and I was consuming over a gallon a day - an excellent low-tech system flush as it turned out.

One Sunday Trijntje went to the markets where she was guided to a lady who told her the story of her husband who had overcome loose and painful teeth (as well as hair loss, libido decline and several other conditions) using an Ayurvedic technique known as oil-pulling.

Her description went something like swill coconut oil around your mouth for 5 minutes and then spit it out.

By this time I was ready to try anything (natural) so I straight away warmed some coconut oil (it was winter time so the oil had all solidified) and did a 5-minute mouth wash.

About 2 minutes into the process my tooth pain completely subsided and it stayed that way for 36 hours without any additional effort.

I was impressed - very impressed - and soon discovered[5] a website which described the technique. After further research I found other mentions but the details were all essentially the same.There is even a book[6] by Bruce Fife[7] about oil-pulling.

Here are a couple of (unendorsed) videos on oil-pulling:

entertaining coconut magic

Post Script

how disinformation can it be?

One unwelcome discovery I made during my travels supported my attitude towards modern health (& now dental) care: this article “AUSTRALIA'S top-selling mouthwashes can cause oral cancer and should be pulled from supermarket shelves immediately.”[8]. Although nearly 4 years (at the time) old, it has had little effect.

I found myself, again, very grateful for those of us who care enough to put health restoring information out there to help others and quite disenchanted with a system which encourages profiteering at the expense of other's misery.

It has also reinforced my belief that when your health is troubled, the last people to go to are those who stand to profit from your illness. Not true for all I understand but becomng a rule of thumb for me.

And, of course, when it comes to dental care - how's this ad from the ADA?> Middle Path> Quality of Life> Oil Pulling Therapy Miraculous mouthwashing


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