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Another Influenza (Swine Flu - H1N1 Influenza 09) “Pandemic”;

There is much confusion and disinformation about the hurredly-manufactured Swine Flu vaccines and the possibility of Governments mandating compulsory or forced vaccination programs.

vaccine dangers - please learn about them


Vaccines have a long history of debilitating and sometimes fatal “side-effects”, there is much solid information available about the dangers of vaccines in general and this one in particular [1] , [2] , [3] , [4] , [5]

This UK site [6] offers a straightforward assessment of the situation and details how people's rights are being ignored to pave the way for population-wide injection of potentially lethal substances.

The 1976 mass vaccination in the US [7] still has over $3bn worth of outstanding lawsuits stemming from deaths and catastrophic personal injuries which were a direct result of being vaccinated with swine flu vaccine 33 years ago!

On YouTube [8] , [9] there is a lot of material documenting the fraudulent nature of this “pandemic”, its origins and the dangers of the vaccine. If you are not aware of these issues then your health and Qualty of Life (maybe even your life itself) may depend on investigating the issues and coverage which is being ignored by the media.

Forbes reports [10] that Children -- including children who had asthma -- who received the annual inactivated flu vaccine were almost three times more likely to be hospitalized than those who were not inoculated. Health care authorities regard this 300% injury rate increase as "insignificant" or "inconclusive" - it certainly isn't to the children who are hospitalised and their parents.

The Swine Flu “Pandemic” itself has mutated into a non-event so far - despite the best efforts of the WHO and media - compared to the annual common flu. Despite this many governments are promoting a forced vaccination campaign. The justification for this is patently false and in the UK less than 50% of family doctors say they will allow themselves to be vaccinated [11] .

It looks like the vaccine is largely untested and presents a far greater threat to people than the flu itself - there are many examples of vaccines causing much more harm than they purported to prevent [1] .

If you regard the flu as a threat to your quality of life - or even life itself - then you need to educate yourself about what you can do to immunize yourself against these threats. - there are many natural ways to boost your immunity and, as one intelligent person says:


natural immunisation
a healthy immune system in action?

The immune system in my body was developed over a few billion years & has been tested on a few trillion species over the years. It is an inteligent, autonomous system which is able to analyse the constantly changing threat posed by a few billion different bacteria, viruses & germs. It can detect & modify it's response to a gazillion different mutations, can pass it's knowledge base & armoury on to the offspring of it's host. It is both an offensive & defensive system. Once encountered & successfully killed off, the same system can protect against infiltration by many of the same type of invader again. Often while this amazing, cataclysmic war is going on inside my body the only symptom I get is a sore throat, runny nose or a feeling of tiredness. How arrogant & futile it is of us (humans) to contemplate that we could out-think such an amazing system! Personally, I will take my chances when this flu bug comes along & leave it to a truly qualified system to cure & protect me thanks!

Some common-sense, natural and panic-free things you can do

Prepare and Protect Yourself

Natural ways to protect against contracting Influenza

The media would have us believe that the only anti-viral drug in the world is Tamiflu, developed from a herb called Chinese Star Anise (Illicium verum).

Unfortunately, like most man-made-for-profit drugs, the active component only is taken from the herb, by not using the whole herb unhealthy side effects can ensue, such as Guillain-Barre syndrome [12] caused by the vaccine used in the 1976 Swine Flu outbreak at Fort Dix in the USA [13] .

Culinary herbs like oregano [14] , sage [15][16] , thyme [17] and rosemary [18] have excellent anti-viral properties and, when used in your diet, are a sound and effective precautionary measure.

Eating any of these foods as part of a sensible dietary lifestyle choice is an effective way to increase your protection against contracting infectious influenzas:


Protect Yourself - naturally, safely, sensibly and without panic

  • berries
  • cinnamon [19]
  • cloves
  • garlic [20]
  • ginger
  • onions
  • oregano
  • reishi mushrooms
  • sprouts

Here are some drinks that have effective anti-viral properties - the juices need to be freshly-prepared from the fruit:

  • apple juice
  • cranberry juice
  • green tea
  • lemon juice
  • orange juice

Adding any of these foods or drinks to your daily diet will increase your resistance to all infectious diseases, particularly influenzas.

However your body has its own infection-fighting system, known as the immune system [21][22]. This is what has prevented you from catching every infectious disease known to man since you were born. So you can see how effective it is in protecting you from communicable diseases. When you think you are likely to be exposed to infection, especially influenza-type ailments, strengthening your immune system will improve it's performance.

The best way to do this is to take a dose of one dessertspoon of Cod liver oil 3 times per week for adults. If you think you have a weak immunity, a daily dose is recommended. One teaspoon per day of Cod Liver oil for children will help to keep them healthy with a strong immune system. There are many [23]anti-viral herbs growing throughout the world that are very potent in combating influenza. They grow as wild herbs or “weeds” just as nature designed for our medicines. These wondrous weeds grow on the side of roads, in cracks in pathways and in the cities on land that has not been built on or mowed. You can see some of these wondrous weeds at this link and read about their their amazing abilities.

We use these herbs which have potent anti-viral properties and will provide effective protection against influenza and other infectious diseases, if taken regularly:


Other herbs [24]which have potent anti-viral properties include
  • Echinacea
  • Astragalus
  • Dragon's blood
  • Juniper
  • Goldenseal
  • Lemon balm
  • Elderberry
  • Shiitake
  • Eucalyptus

what you can do if you have the flu


Treat Yourself

What you can do if you have the symptoms

At the first sign of any flu symptom we find there is nothing better than a dose of Cod liver oil stop it in its tracks. One tablespoon taken straight from the bottle (kept in your fridge) usually nips the symptoms in the bud.

Cod Liver oil is very rich in Vitamin A and works effectively to boost your immune system and hence your resistance to and recovery from all kinds of infections.

You see, it is not the 'flu which threatens your life, it is complications arising from the symptoms associated with the flu. When you are fighting an influenza infection, your body's energy levels can become depleted and your immune system overtaxed.

In this situation other infections can arise which may then lead to other conditions such as pneumonia and pleurisy. It is these secondary infections which are life-threatening.

In the past, before Comfrey was outlawed for internal use (by the TGA - the Therapeutic Goods Administration - that Government body charged with “safeguarding public health & safety in Australia”) Comfrey leaf combined with Fenugreek seed was used to make a tea which was a powerful remedy for any flu or lung infection and cleared up influenza, pneumonia and pleurisy in a very short time. These days this is no longer legal in Australia.

Vitamin C taken immediately once symptoms of the flu become apparent is vital to revitalise the body and repair any damage the virus has caused. A flat teaspoon of vitamin C powder (also known as Ascorbic acid available in most health-food stores) in water or juice is recommended for adults and 1/4 teaspoon for children.

If you don't have the powder available, those doses are the equivalent of 2 grammes (that's right - 2 whole grams) of vitamin C for adults - 2 × 1000mg tablets or 20 × 100mg tablets. For children we find a ½ gram is the way to go.

The mineral Zinc has a powerful effect on the immune system and zinc-supplementation is highly recommended when suffering from influenza. Zinc supplements are usually available at health-food stores.

Vitamin D - exposure to sunlight is another preventative measure - in fact it has been suggested that influenza is merely a symptom of vitamin D deficiency [25].

Vitamin E is another highly recommended vitamin to speed recovery and increase your body's resilience. To find herbs and foods rich in vitamin E here is a direct link to our vitamin fact sheet.

Combining some of these herbs, vitamins A, C, and E and cod liver oil with a healthy diet and attitude will keep your immune system healthy and strong and ward off viral infections of all kinds.

If you want to know more about a healthy diet our Natural Heath Care Insurance report will help you with all the information you will need.

Dose Yourself

Our recipe for the Flu-buster Hot Toddy

This is a tried and true remedy that gets quick results in cases of colds and flu:

in a tall heatproof container combine:

  • the juice of 3 medium-sized lemons
  • an equal amount of whiskey (or brandy or dark rum)
  • 2 cups (500ml) hot water
  • honey to taste (around 1-2 tablespoons)
  • add 2 drops ONLY of eucalyptus oil
  • one cinnamon stick or a teaspoon of cinammon
  • 5 cloves
Mix well, drink and go to bed OR go to bed and drink if you haven't been eating much.

If you have an adventurous palate you can add a pinch of cayenne - that's a small (fingertips-only) pinch!

PLEASE NOTE: This treatment is for adults only.


the Middle Path flu-buster hot toddy

You need to support and assist your immune system to overcome the infection which means minimising the demands on your energy from other sources - physical, emotional and mental.

We call this rest, if you are suffering serious symptoms then bed rest is the way to go.

That, combined with the hot toddy and the plants and drinks mentioned above, will give you a speedy recovery.

Educate Yourself

Be Informed - do your own research

become informed


The mass-media has been unusually unified in presenting a terrifying scenario depicting a helpless humanity facing a ruthless, relentless armageddon.

WHO (World Health Organisation) officials have been quoted as saying the swine flu or influenza A H1N1 “threatens all humanity”.

We believe common sense precautions based on elementary awareness about natural health maintenance are sufficient to prevent severe suffering.

What is the truth of the matter?

You need to find out for yourself - below are some links to opinions about the latest flu outbreak which you won't see in the mass media. But first - are you awart that this is not the first Swine Flu “pandemic” or mass-vaccination? There was one in the USA in 1976 but no-one is mentioning that these days: 60 minutes did an expose on it in 1979. [7] . This episode was banned after its first showing on television. It is now being released publicly, on the internet, for the first time after 30 years! (YouTube has removed several copies of this claing copyright violation despite the 25-year copyright period having expired.)

In essence (as I understand it) 4 soldiers (and only 4 - in a barracks situation) were diagnosed with swine flu, 3 recovered without any vaccine, one was taken from his sick bed and made to do a forced march. He died. On that basis and that basis alone 46 million americans allowed themselves to be immunized with an untested vaccine. 25 were killed (several within minutes), hundreds died within weeks and thousands were wounded. The Government told their citizens that the vaccine had been tested - which it had - but the one which was administered was a different one which had NOT been tested.

Here are some basic numbers about the current “outbreak” which should get you thinking.............

  • Worldwide deaths from current outbreak - around 60 by May 6th, 2009 over 5 weeks after outbreak (around 100 by May 29 [26] ) - a sustained rate of less than 2 per day.
  • Annual deaths from Flu in the USA alone - around 36,000 in the 6-month “flu period” - around 200 per day.
If those figures confuse you - have a look at some of these pages (listed under Further Reading). Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this whole situation is the difficulty we have in finding accurate details of the situation as it develops - its not unlike an urban legend [27]of global proportions.

  Flu vaccine - another viewpoint    

a video which illuminates much of the misinformation being spread by the Government about the flu vaccination program.

Essential Listening

About Viruses, what they are, how they work and “immunization” in general

Further Reading

About Viruses and Anti-viral sources generally

About the Perpetually “Imminent Swine Flu Pandemic” of 2009

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