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Chronic Fatigue, Tiredness, Lethargy

Feeling tired, low on energy, lethargic, unmotivated? -   it could be your diet  

One of the most common complaints I hear centres around feeling fatigued, chronically fatigued [1][2][3] , listless, tired, lethargic, having no energy, acting vague and feeling little or no motivation.

One common factor with each one of these conditions is a high carbohydrate diet consisting of emulsifier- and additive-rich commercially-processed store-bought “convenience” foods.

The most significant food is multi-grain bread; everyone seems to think multi-grain bread is “healthy for them” and so they feel comfortable eating lots of it. In fact some people I have treated thought the more they atet the healthier they would become. In fact the reverse is true - the more multi-grain bread they ate, the more fatigued and less motivated they became.

Other common foodstuffs such as processed breakfast cereals, white bread, cakes and wheat products, coke and soft drinks awere also typically prominent their daily diets.

Within 3 days of avoiding these foods and following healthy dietary guidance the vast majority found they had their energy back again and were once more feeling motivated and alive. The common response is “I don't believe it!


Feeling too tired to do anything about your health?

Another factor creating energy loss is living in or focussing on the past or future. The importance of living in the now, this present moment, coupled with a healthy diet of 80% fruit and vegetables and 20% protein and carbohydrates makes for a vital lifestyle.


What can you do to get rid of Chronic Fatigue?

Our Secrets to Living a Quality Life work addresses this widespread fatigue - often labelled “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” or “Myalgic Encephalomyelitis” - by teaching you about foods and food items which invigorate and energise you instead of depleting or destroying your energy levels.

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Other than that we would encourage you to consult a Natural Health Care practitioner or anyone who is experienced and knowledgeable about natural nutrition - in our opinion, this does not include a majority of mainstream medical practitioners.

Are Chronic Fatigue and Lack of Motivation widespread?

I recently read [4] that many modern medications produce a wide range of unpleasant side effects from drowsiness to death.

Many people don't realize that the additives in today's processed foods cause lethergy, vagueness, tiredness and lack of concentration - just like those some prescribed drug. Statistics suggest that 3 out of 5 people driving are on some form of medication and this may be one of the leading reasons for so many car accidents [5] .

The amount of people who come to my clinic who are on or have been prescribed anti-depression tablets is incredible. They walk around numb without feelings, totally unemotional. The drugs sap their will, cloud their brains and take away their lucidity.

Not only are these prescribed medications numbing our society but the additives and emulsifiers in foods and drinks are also making people vague, fatigued and unmotivated.

It does make me wonder if this may be a deliberate way of keeping the masses subdued through “legal drugs” in our food and drinks.


Accidents are caused by chronic fatigue

Medication in Institutions: who benefits more - the staff rather or the patients?

Years ago I worked in a nursing home and all the patients were drugged to keep them subdued. The only time I could have a conversation with any of them was when I was on night shift and they would come round, off their medication at about 2am in the morning. Then the next morning the cycle would continue drugs with breakfast and the day went on without any problems from the patients who were now just like zombies from the ankles up.

As you interact with people everyday in society, have you noticed that more and more of them look and behave like there is nobody at home, and are in a state of mental and physical degeneration?

Lack of Motivation and Chronic Fatigue create a mediocre life

chronic fatigue, tiredness, lethargy and
lack of motivation make for a mediocre life


When I worked at the nursing home and interacted with the residents, I got a pretty good sense of knowing when people just aren't mentally present. It's like the lights are on, but no one's home.

I've seen this in literally hundreds of nursing home patients, but lately I've been noticing more and more of that same "nobody's home" look in the people walking around in everyday situations. In fact, if you were to really look and get a top level view of our society in comparison to the level of health of which human beings are capable of, you'd be absolutely shocked as there is so much physical and mental degeneration. You just have to visit one of the big hospitals in any big city to see for yourself.

The number of people experiencing vital health is very minimal perhaps 1 in 100 are aware of what they need to do to maintain vital health and actually are doing it. Of course, there are quite a number of people who live mediocre lives and just get by and do okay, but the vast majority of people experience ongoing chronic disease and nervous system degeneration and live on anti - depression tablets and medical drugs for one thing or another. Thus, they take on that "nursing home" look.

It's hard to find a group of working people with more health problems than MDs, and they're in charge of health! A lot of my clients who have had specialized care say that the Specialists they have seen at times are vague and not at home, and keep asking the same questions over and over again!

What has created such a chronically degenerate society?

There are basically two causes I see through my clinic clients:

Firstly there is a chronic lack of natural nutrition:

  • inorganic vitality-depleted foods flooding our food supply
  • avoidance of sunlight, people being indoors too much
  • avoidance of exercise, sedentary lifestyles
  • poor breathing habits, lack of oxygenation of the system
Secondly people's minds and bodies are being poisoned [6] :
  • prescription drugs
  • food additives
  • metabolic disruptors
  • artificial light
  • toxic chemicals in personal care products
  • poisons in household cleaners
  • pollution in the world around us
  • dramatic hype flooding the mass media

Food additives
pretty poisons?

Why food additives? Excerpted from The Natural Health Information Centre [7]

some of the additives in todays foods


Food additives come in many shapes and sizes and are anything but easy to classify. Many dozens, even hundreds of chemicals find their way into food additives and just about the only thing that can be said about virtually all food additives is that they are anything but natural, in fact, all but a very select few food additives are totally synthetic and, therefore foreign to the body.

As a consequence, the body treats these chemical compounds as foreign and doesn't tolerate them very well at all. Quite apart from those food additives that are known to cause allergies, many other food additives interact with both each other and various other chemicals in the foodstuffs they are added to. As a result, we see the plethora of "food allergies", "food intolerances" and "dietary irritants" that affect far to many people today, few, if any of which even existed thirty, twenty, even ten years ago.

The simple cause of these problems is the modern reliance on fast, convenient foods and the food addiditves that make them possible. Quite apart from the fact that these food additives are not natural, very little has been done to establish their safety in normal use and few, if any food additives have EVER been tested in combination! Now, how many foods that contain food additives do you know where their is a single additive (E number).

Exactly! Virtually all foods that contain one food additive contain at least two, three, or frequently more than three food additives, yet in virtually every case, they have NEVER been safety tested in combination!

A classic case is the sweetener aspartame.

Rejected by the FDA on several previous occasions, aspartame was only finally "approved" (against the advice of their own safety committee!) when the former Chief Executive of the manufacturer, a certain Donald Rumsfeld esq, was given the authority to appoint the new chief of the FDA, whose first act approve aspartame, a dangerous carcinogen, known to be involved in brain cancers and many other health problems. Indeed, in many instances, aspartame is known to be worse than the sugar it replaces!

Aspartame is made of 3 components, 50% phenylalanine, 40% aspartic acid and 10% methanol (wood alcohol). In the body methanol breaks down into formaldehyde (embalming fluid) and formic acid. Both are extremely injurious to health.

Undoubtedly you have heard that Aspartame is a safe sweetener and people use it to loose weight. Unfortunately that information is criminally false and misleading. You can find out more about how public relations firms shape and manipulate the public's beliefs on [8] .


Tasty Toxin

Further Reading

    You may also find our Hypnotherapy session for Motivation and Passion  helpful
      and our Fast Superfood Smoothie Recipes for Endless Energy ebook  is useful as well


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