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Colonic Irrigation FAQs

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Is Colonic Irrigation Accredited?
    In Australia the Australian Government has recently accredited Margaret Wright's School of Colonic Irrigation as the authority for certifying therapists in this field.

    I studied Colonic Irrigation with Margaret Wright in 1982 and at present all her pupils are in the process of becoming accredited. I have currently undertaken advanced studies and have gained accreditation and am able to teach and certify practitioners in the field of colonic irrigation.

Is Colonic Irrigation Embarrassing?
    Colonic Irrigation is done with modesty for both client and therapist. Women wear gowns and Men wear Pyjama pants with the fly sewn at the front and the back seam open to make easy access for the Therapist.

Is Colonic Irrigation painful?
    I have found that when a person relaxes, there is no discomfort or pain involved. When you think of the size of faecal matter that can come out of the anus, the size of the catheter is minimal. Most clients state that the benefits of Colonic Irrigation certainly outweigh any perceived discomfort.

Can Colonic Irrigation Cure Bowel Cancer?
    Colonic Irrigation alone cannot cure bowel cancer; even if it were so I, as a Naturopath, would be prohibited by Australian Law from telling anyone. It is a holistic approach taken by you. It is frequently undertaken with the guidance of the health Professional you have chosen to support your recovery.
    Colonic Irrigation compliments your health program by removing toxins and accumulated chemicals from your bowel and system. Detoxing the system first seems a logical process in the treatment of all diseases.

How long does Colonic Irrigation take?
    Colonic Irrigation takes approximately 45 minutes with another 15 minutes of preparation. The complete treatment takes one hour.

How many Colonic Irrigations do I need?
    My general response (without having assessed your condition or needs) is:
    • If you are having a general cleanse and your system is in pretty good shape, then a minimum of 3 Colonics every year works wonders.
    • If you are seriously ill, then 5 Colonics to start with and 3 every three months for the first year or until your health has improved and 3 Colonics yearly thereafter.

Is Colonic Irrigation a Medical Procedure?
    No it is a detoxification and cleansing process.

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